Tourist Places to Visit in Mazatlan, Mexico, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Mazatlan, Mexico, America

Mazatlan is a city as well as municipality in Sinaloa state of Mexico geographically positioned at 23°13′12″ N 106°25′12″ W.  The municipality of Mazatlan covers an area of 3,068.5 sq. km. and the city is situated at an altitude of 1234 meters.

Mazatlan city is located around 225 km from the state capital, Culiacan Rosales and 1000 km from the national capital, Mexico City. Tourism and fishing are the two major pillars of Mazatlan’s economy.


Etymology and History of Mazatlan:

Mazatlan derives its name from Nahuatl language and its literal meaning is ‘place of deer’. The city of Mazatlan was formed by Spaniards and Indian settlers in the year 1531 and the development of Mazatlan began with the arrival of group of immigrants from Germany during the middle of the 19th century.


How to reach Mazatlan?

Mazatlan International Airport (General Rafael Buelna International Airport) operates flights from and to the international locations like Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver and many other locations. The airport is located around 20 kms away from the city centre.

It takes around 12 hours to reach Mazatlan from Mexico City and 6 hours from Guadalajara by bus. Mazatlan is also well connected with nearby port cities by ferry. Car and taxi are options for local travel.


Culture, Food and shopping in Mazatlan:

Teatro Angela Peralta centre is the cultural icon of Mazatlan and most of cultural events of Mazatlan are organized between mid October and mid April.

The major shopping corners in Mazatlan include:

  • La Gran Plaza Mall
  • Golden Zone
  • Centro Historico

The prominent restaurants in Mazatlan are:

  • El Olivo
  • Te Amo Lucy’s
  • Topolos
  • Seoor Frog’s


Things to do in Mazatlan:

  • Jet skiing
  • Waterskiing
  • Parascending
  • Surfing


Places of interest in Mazatlan:

Centro Historico:

Centro Historico (Old Town) is a typical site of Mazatlan housing historical buildings, cultural centres and entertainment options. Taking of organized tours will be better to explore entire Centro Historico easily.


Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception:

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a dark yellow painted church, built in 1899. Its interior is designed with sparking glass objects and it is home to gold statues as well.


Olas Altas Beach:

Olas Altas Beach is the magnificent beach offering activities of snorkeling, diving and surfing. There are plenty of restaurants and recreation centers located at the edge of the beach.


The Lighthouse:

The Lighthouse of Mazatlan is the tallest natural lighthouse in the globe with an altitude of 515 feet. Tourists will enjoy a great view of Mazatlan if they hike up the lighthouse.


Other places of interest in Mazatlan include:

  • The Acuario Mazatlan
  • Cliff divers
  • El Mercad
  • Machado Square
  • A graveyard
  • Estrella Del Mar Sea Turtle Sanctuary
  • Estrella Del Mar Golf Course


Best time to visit Mazatlan:

From October to December will be the ideal time to visit Mazatlan while the temperature remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in Mazatlan:

Mazatlan is one of the major tourist centres in Mexico with diverse tourist attractions like historical sites, beaches and entertainment centres. Other than attractions, Mazatlan is also known for its world class resorts, spas and clubs with top class upgraded facilities. List of major hotels and resorts in Mazatlan include:

  • El Cid Vacations Club
  • Hotel Playa Mazatlan
  • Hotel Lerma
  • Casa de Huespedes Casillo
  • Hotel Belmar
  • Las Villas Hotel & Spa
  • El Cid Marina Beach Hotel
  • Estrella Del Mar Golf & Beach Resort
  • El Cid Resorts
  • El Cid Granada Hotel & Country Club
  • El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel
  • El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel
  • Sea Garden Mazatlan
  • Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan
  • Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay

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