Aasiaat Tourist Places to Visit in Aasiaat, Greenland, America

Aasiaat Tourist Places to Visit in Aasiaat, Greenland, America

Aasiaat is a town in Qaasuitsup municipality in the western Greenland, also called as Ausiait is situated in the center of Aasiaat Archipelago at the end of Disko Bay. Saqqarliup Nunaa is the largest uninhabited island but there are buildings for the tourists who visit the island. Economy of the town mainly depends on fishing, shipbuilding and tourism and covered with ice bergs. Coordinates of Aasiaat are 68.7167° N, 52.8833° W.


History of Aasiaat:

As per the records, it has believed that the region was inhabited from 5th millennium BC and modern settlement was recorded around 1200 years. Aasiaat was established in the year 1759 by Niels Egede and named as Egedesminde Colony and most of the population comprised of Whalers and they carried the smallpox disease which affected the native population in the year 1770.

During the 20th century the town grew and during the time of Second World War, Aasiaat was used to store the supplies and after the war it grew rapidly and in the year 1942, weather station was constructed in the town and fishing industry grew rapidly.


Tourism in Aasiaat:

Aasiaat is one of the beautiful towns in Greenland which is covered with ice bergs and most of the tourists visit the town to explore the region and to enjoy the ice. Humpback whales are renowned mammals in Queensland and these whales migrate to town during summer and tourist guides assist the tourists to see some of the uncommon sea animals in the region. There are few restaurants in the town which offers traditional Greenlandic cuisines and food is relatively costly in the town.


Places to Visit in Aasiaat:

  • Aasiaat Community Center
  • Aasiaat Church
  • Aasiaat Museum
  • Aasiaat Sports Center


Things to do in Aasiaat:

  • Whale Watching
  • Go Sailing
  • Dog Sledding
  • Museum and Art Exhibitions
  • Kayaking
  • Midnight Sun
  • Coastal Ferry


Weather in Aasiaat:

Aasiaat is surrounded by ice bergs and climate will be chilled throughout the year and best time to visit Aasiaat is during the summer months from May to September, during these months average temperature range from -4.5 degree to 0.5 degree Celsius and during winter average temperature may drop from -4 degree to -19 degree Celsius.

How to Reach Aasiaat?

Aasiaat is served by Aasiaat Airport which caters with domestic flights to Ilulissat, Kangerlussuaq and Qaarsutand and airport is located at the distance of 4 kilometers and seasonal flights are available from Akunnaaq, Attu, Kangaatsiaq, Kitsissuarsuit and Niaqornaarsuk.

Ships are operated during the summer season only and during the winter helicopters are operated to Aasiaat town.

There are no major roads in the town and transportation like bus and taxi are available in the town and the best way to explore the town is by foot.


Where to Stay in Aasiaat?

Aasiaat is ice region and there are few accommodation facilities in the town and hotels and guesthouses in Aasiaat offers some of the good accommodation facilities to the tourists with basic amenities and package tours are available to Aasiaat and best and safe way to visit the Aasiaat is to get the package tours which includes accommodation, food and visit to tourism sites. Some of the hotels in Aasiaat are listed here below:

  • The Seamen’s Home Aasiaat
  • Hotel Nanoq
  • Soemandshjem
  • Aasiaat Hotel Apartments
  • B&B Hotel Nattoralik
  • Aasiaat Guesthouse

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