Rosalie Tourist Places to Visit in Rosalie, Dominica, America

Rosalie Tourist Places to Visit in Rosalie, Dominica, America

Rosalie is town situated on the central east coast of Dominica in Saint David Parish to the mouth of River Rosalie. It is home to one of the major beaches of Dominica which draws abundance of water sport lovers from all around the country and from other Caribbean and American countries as well. The surrounding villages of Rosalie are Morne Jaune, San Sauveur, Grand Fond, Good Hope and Riviere Cyrique.


Geography of Rosalie:

Rosalie is geographically located between 15°22′ N altitude and 61°16′ W longitude at the northern end of bay of Rosalie, about 18 km away from the town of Castle Bruce and 30 km away from Roseau, the capital of Dominica.


Connectivity to Rosalie:

Canefield Airport is the closest airport to Rosalie sited at a distance of 25 km but it receives charter flights in selected months of the year only. Due to this, tourists are needed to reach Melville Hall Airport first and then catch taxi or minibuses at the airport to reach Rosalie. Melville Hall Airport is located around 40 km away from Rosalie and it takes maximum of 2 hours journey by taxi.

Tourists can also use taxis and buses for local travel and check more information for local travel agencies of Rosalie.


Food and Shopping in Rosalie:

The restaurants of Rosalie offer some of the local traditional cuisine including seafood curries for both locals and tourists. Rosalie is also home to many standard shops that sell traditional clothes, jewelry, herbal products and variety of perfumes at reasonable rates.

The prominent food corners in and around Rosalie are as follows:

  • Calabash Restaurant
  • Bamboo Restaurant
  • Pagua Bay Bar and Grill
  • Escape Beach Bar & Grill


Places of interest in and around Rosalie:


Morne Trois Pitons National Park:

Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the 1st officially established national park of Dominica (1975) and was added to World Heritage Site in 1997. Boiling Lake and Titou Gorge are the notable things of the park.


Rosalie Beach:

Rosalie Beach is one of the well known beaches of Dominica served by Rosalie Bay Resort with amazing facilities such as gym, saltwater pool and a seafront spa.


Morne Diablotin National Park:

Morne Diablotin National Park is situated on the northern mountain ranges of the island covering an area of 8,242 acres. It is renowned for the presence of endangered Sisserou Parrot and Morne Diablotin which is highest mountain of Dominica with an altitude of 1,447 meters.


Other places of interest in and around Rosalie are:

  • Papillote Tropical Gardens
  • Champagne Beach
  • Roseau Museum
  • Dominica Botanical Gardens
  • Titou Gorge
  • Valley of Desolation
  • Dominican Jungle
  • Middleham Falls
  • Freshwater Lake
  • Trafalgar Falls
  • Morne Diablotins


Best time to visit Rosalie:

Throughout the year is best, especially the months of dry season will be the ideal time to explore Rosalie Beach.


Accommodation options in and around Rosalie:

Rosalie Bay Resort is the main accommodation centre of Rosalie that serves guests with amazing latest facilities and services including spa, sauna, air coolers, doctors on call, massages and therapies, hot spring baths, room heaters and 24 hour room service and help desk. Advance booking is also offered for tourist convenience. List of famous hotels and resorts in and around Rosalie include:

  • Rosalie Bay Resort
  • Island Bay Boutique Hotel
  • Dolphin Resorts
  • Mermaid’s Secret – Riverside Retreat
  • Jungle Bay Resort & Spa
  • OhLaLa Villas
  • Zandoli Inn
  • Riversong Cottage
  • Classique International
  • The Nixons Bay Side Mangrove Inn
  • Pointe Baptiste Guest House
  • Citrus Creek Plantation
  • Pagua Bay House Oceanfront Cabanas
  • Red Rock Haven
  • Hibiscus Valley Inn

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