Tourist Places to Visit in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, America

Puerto Cabello is a city belonging to Carabobo State in Venezuela covering an area of 729 sq. km. It houses the largest and busiest port of Venezuela, numerous colonial forts and many splendid beaches.


Geography of Puerto Cabello:

Puerto Cabello is  situated on the northern coast of the country between 10°28′00″ N latitude and 68°01′00″ W longitude, about 55 km north of Valencia (state capital) and 220 km west of Caracas (national capital).


History of Puerto Cabello:

Puerto Cabello was one of the major trade points of Venezuela during the Spanish colonial period and the historical identities of Puerto Cabello are Solano Fortress and San Felipe Castle.


Connectivity to Puerto Cabello:

Puerto Cabello is served by its own airport, called Bartolome Salom Airport with limited connectivity, situated 12 km away from the city.

Valencia Airport is one of the major airports of the country and has connection with Curaçao, Porlamar, Panama City, Barcelona, Aruba and Miami. Valencia Airport is served by Copa Airlines, Aserca Airlines, Aruba Airlines and many other prominent airlines.

Buses are common between Puerto Cabello and Valencia and also there are daily buses running between Puerto Cabello and the national capital, Caracas.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Puerto Cabello:

Puerto Cabello was the home town of many renowned Venezuelan baseball players such as Victor Moreno, Pablo Sandoval, Carlos Zambrano.

Handmade clothes, typical wooden carvings and cotton clothes are purchasable items in Puerto Cabello.

The major food corners in Puerto Cabello are as follows:

  • Bar Restaurant El Milano
  • D’Franco Restaurant
  • Henka Sushi Bar


What to do in Puerto Cabello?

  • Hiking
  • Thermal bath
  • Jungle tour


Places to see in Puerto Cabello:

San Esteban National Park:

Established in 1987, San Esteban National Park is spread over an area of 445 km² with many tourist attractions such as the Castle of Solano, the house of General Bartolomé Salom and the Hacienda Quinta Pimentel. The park also houses many thermal baths and spa centres.


Puerto Cabello:

Puerto Cabello is an 18th century fort which was constructed by the decree of Don José Solano y Bote in 1766 to defend the city from naval attacks. It is situated within San Esteban National Park and in 1965, Puerto Cabello was declared national monument.


San Felipe Castle:

San Felipe Castle is a historical fort dating back to the 18th century (Spanish colonial period). It is still good in condition and public is allowed.


List of other places of interest in and around Puerto Cabello include:

  • Protestants Graveyard
  • Puente de Los Españoles
  • Long Island
  • Petroglyphs of Vigirima
  • The Hacienda Quinta Pimentel
  • The house of General Bartolomé Salom
  • Village of San Esteban
  • Bahia de Patanemo
  • Arturo Michelena International Airport
  • Parque Fernando Penalver
  • Campo Carabobo
  • Aquarium de Valencia
  • La Cumaca Golf Club
  • Hijole que tacos


Ideal time to visit Puerto Cabello:

The best time to travel Puerto Cabello is during the months of the summer season while the weather will be supportive for beach exploration.


Where to stay in Puerto Cabello?

Being one of the famous tourist destinations in Venezuela, Puerto Cabello houses many standard hotels and inns. Hotel rooms are well designed as per the taste of regular tourists and here is the list of the prominent hotels in and around Puerto Cabello:

  • Posada Santa Margerita
  • Hotel Aparto Suites Esenada
  • LIDOTEL Hotel Boutique Valencia
  • Hesperia WTC Valencia
  • Embassy Suites Valencia-Downtown
  • Hotel Emperador
  • Hotel Venetur Valencia
  • Hotel Dinastia
  • Hotel Suite Ucaima
  • Stauffer Hotel Valencia
  • Hotel Coronado Suites

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