Places to Visit in Maicao, Colombia, America

Places to Visit in Maicao, Colombia, America

Maicao is a municipality in the department of La Guajira in northern part of Colombia. Riohacha is the capital of La Guajira Department, situated in the Guajira Peninsula within the Guajira Desert covering a total area of 688 square miles (1,782 square kilometers) and located at an elevation of 171 feet (52 meters) above the sea level.

Maicao is surrounded by Uribia, Manaure, Riohacha, Albania, Barrancas, and border of Venezuela country and lies at the distance of 1,024 kilometers from capital of Colombia, Bogota. Maicao coordinates are 11.3778° N, 72.2389° W.


History of Maicao:

Maicao region was occupied by Wayuu populace before the establishment of the Spanish and Wayuu people contributed for the development of Spanish in the region. Maicao was renowned during the colonial period due to the trading of coffee, alcohol, tobacco and weapons between the Spain and Maicao and became major commercial hub attracted Arab and other Middle Eastern immigrants.


Places to Visit in Maicao:

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta:

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park is located at the distance of around 130 kilometers from Maicao city in Santa Marta is one of the renowned mountain ranges, reaching an elevation of 5,700 meters (18,700 feet) above the sea level is the world’s highest coastal range surrounded by abundance of flora and fauna.


Macuira National Park:

Macuira National Park is positioned at the distance of about 200 kilometers from Maicao city in Uribia Municipality and at an elevation of 2,835 feet (864 meters) above the sea level is protected by PNN Macuira. National park is located close to Caribbean Sea and home to abundance of flora and fauna species.


Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab:

Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab is situated less than kilometer distance and it was constructed in the year 1997, is the 2nd largest mosque in South America and the only mosque in the country.


Other Places to visit in and around Maicao:

  • Tayrona Park
  • The Rodadero Beach
  • Cathedral of Santa Marta
  • San Juan Nepomuceno Cloister
  • Tayrona Gold Museum


Best time to Visit Maicao:

Maicao faces tropical arid climate with rainy and dry season. Rainy season is from April to November and dry season is from December to March. Best time to visit Maicao is from November to March.


How to Reach Maicao?

By Air:

San Jose de Maicao Airport is situated at the distance of 3 kilometers from the city serves with domestic flights to main cities like Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Bogota.


By Road:

Maicao is deserted area and few numbers of buses operate from Riohacha city at regular intervals and buses also operate from neighboring country.


Where to Stay in Maicao?

Maicao has numerous important hotels and guest houses providing good lodging amenities for the tourists coming to this place. Hotels range from budget to luxury offering host of deluxe services and facilities. Some hotels also provide facilities like spa, sauna, hot water spring bath, steam bath, 24 hours help desk, facilities for handicapped guests and few other facilities. List of hotels situated in and near Maicao is as follows:

  • Hotel Waya Guajira
  • Hotel La Riviera
  • Hotel Rodadero
  • Club Hotel Campestre La Guajira
  • Portobahia Hotel
  • Hotel Palmarena
  • Casa de Leda Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Rodadero Real
  • Hotel Playa Mar
  • Hotel Olas Marinas Inn
  • Hotel Mansión del Mar
  • San Francisco Santa Marta Rodadero

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