Tourist Places to Visit in Ipiales, Colombia, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Ipiales, Colombia, America

Ipiales is located in southwestern part of Colombia country in department of Narino. Ipiales shares the border with Ecuador country and situated on the highland known as “Tuquerres e Ipiales” and most attractive part of the municipality is the stunning architecture of the Las Lajas Cathedral and economy of the region mainly depends on tourism, trade, small businesses, agriculture and livestock.

Ipiales is surrounded by Valle del Guamuez, Victoriano, Tuquerres, La Planda, Pupiales, Cordoba, Cumbal and Tulcan (Ecuador country) and located at the distance of 804 kilometers from Bogota, capital of Colombia. Ipiales has total area of 659 square miles (1,707 square kilometers) and situated at normal elevation of 2,898 meters (9,508 feet) above the sea level and coordinates of Ipiales are 0.8303° N, 77.6444° W.


Places to Visit in Ipiales:

La Cocha Lake:

La Cocha Lake is positioned at the distance of 80 kilometers from Ipiales city in Pasto city and located 2,800 meters above the sea level, lake provides breathtaking views of landscape of mountains, colors and water and La Cocha means lagoon in Quechua language.


Las Lajas Cathedral:

Las Lajas Cathedral can be located in Ipiales city. The church was constructed between 1916 and 1949 in Gothic Revival style constructed inside the canyon of the Guaitara River is one of the must visit cathedral in Colombia.


Museo del Carnaval:

Museo del Carnaval is the unique museum in Pasto city was open to public in the year 2000 and one can find the collections of different carnivals organized in the south part of the country.


Other Places to visit in and around Ipiales:

  • Museo del oro – Banco de la República
  • Templo de la Merced
  • Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes
  • Museo Juan Lorenzo Lucero
  • Templo de San Andrés
  • Museo Madre Caridad Brader
  • Templo de Santiago
  • Capilla de la Concepción
  • Laguna Verde
  • Galeras Volcano


Best time to Visit Ipiales:

Ipiales is situated in highest elevation and climate is warm throughout the year and summer season is from November to March and wet season is from April to October and best time to visit Ipiales is from November to March.


How to Reach Ipiales?

By Air:

Ipiales has small airport by name San Luis Airport located at the distance of 8 kilometers from the city caters only with domestic flights to Cali city and Cali Airport handles both domestic and international flights to major destinations in the world.


By Road:

Ipiales is connected through national and international highways as it is located next to international border and receives regular buses from neighboring country and plenty of buses schedule to Ipiales from diverse parts of the country.


Where to Stay in Ipiales?

Ipiales is surrounded by mountainous region and located at high elevation but there are few hotels and guest houses in the city which provides basic facilities to the tourists and prominent hotels are located at the distance of 80 kilometers in Pasto city which provides all the modern amenities like spa, sauna, hot water spring bath, steam bath, dishes, 24 hours help desk, facilities for handicapped guests, and many more. Some of the hotels in and around Ipiales are listed below:

  • Hotel Belmonte
  • La Maison del Ejecutivo
  • Hotel Venecia Confort
  • Hotel Sello Dorado
  • Apartahotel Vincent Suites
  • Hotel Fernando Plaza
  • Hotel Palermo Suite
  • Loft Hotel
  • Hotel Del Parque
  • Hotel Don Saul
  • Hotel Morasurco

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