Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Tarapoto, Peru, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Tarapoto, Peru, America

Tarapoto is a commercial city located in the province of San Martín in San Martín Region in the northern Peru, around 110 km southeast of the regional capital, Moyobamba and 935 km northeast of the national capital, Lima.

Tourism is the backbone of Tarapoto’s economy with many spectacular waterfalls, lagoons and different adventure activities and other than tourism, Tarapoto is also flourishing in agriculture. The Universidad Nacional de San Martin is the identity of Tarapoto.


Geography of Tarapoto:

Tarapoto is placed in the high jungle plateau between 6°29′ S latitude and 76°22′ W longitude at an elevation of 356 meters.


History of Tarapoto:

According to the historical sources, the Spanish Bishop Baltazar Jaime Martínez de Compagnon y Bujanda was the founder of Tarapoto, founded on August 20, 1782. Tarapoto commercially gained growth in the beginning of the 20th century.


How to reach Tarapoto?

Cad. FAP Guillermo del Castillo Paredes Airport is serving Tarapoto with daily flights to and from Lima, catered by Avianca and AviancaPeruvian Airlines. Other destinations connected with Tarapoto Airport are Chachapoyas, Chiclayo, Juanjuí and Yurimaguas.

It takes around 28 hours from Lima to Tarapoto by bus, passing through Moyobamba and Pedro Ruiz.

Moto Taxis are highly used for local travel, which are inexpensive also. Local buses, taxis and rental cars are other options to get around.


Food and shopping in Tarapoto:

Cured pork items (cecina and chorizo sausage) are prepared during the special events. Made with chicken, rice and egg is juane, a typical dish of Tarapoto.

Tarapoto is home to all the kinds of shops and the prominent food corners in Tarapoto include:

  • Heladeria Sandoval
  • El Rincon Sureno
  • Chalo’s Burger
  • Chalet Venezia Restaurant Cafe


What to do in Tarapoto?

  • Hiking
  • Jungle tour
  • Fishing
  • Swimming


What to see in Tarapoto?

Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu:

Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu is an eye catching waterfall on the outskirts of Tarapoto. The pond is small and tourists will find little difficult to swim here. It can be reachable by taxi from the city centre.


Petroglyphs of polish:

Petroglyphs of polish are the examples of the first inhabitants of Tarapoto. This site is situated around 8 km away from the downtown Tarapoto and tourist vehicles generally go towards the ancient site, tourists can take the advantage of them.

Sauce Lake:

Situated in El Sauce district around 15 km from Tarapoto city, the Sauce Lake also called Laguna Azul is a stunning natural beauty offering different water sports such as water bikes, fishing, swimming and water skies. Equipments are available at the lake side.


List of other places of interest in and around Tarapoto include:

  • Cataratas de Huacamaillo
  • Cumbaza River Resort
  • Laguna Venecia
  • Lamas
  • Moyobamba
  • Rioja
  • Shapawanca waterfalls
  • Tununtununba waterfalls
  • Carpishoyaku falls
  • San José thermal baths
  • Baños de la Unión
  • Chullachaki cave
  • Mamonaquihua waterfalls
  • Cesar Reátegui
  • Pacaya Samiria National Reserve


Ideal time to visit Tarapoto:

Throughout the year is best, especially from June to August will be best to enjoy outdoor activities in Tarapoto.


Accommodation options in Tarapoto:

Tarapoto is a basically commercial city, equally renowned for its natural attractions and world class hotels and resorts with latest tourist favor facilities and services. The major hotels in Tarapoto are listed below:

  • Hotel Tarapoto Inn
  • RioSol Tarapoto Hotel
  • Hotel La Mansion
  • Hotel Las Orquideas
  • Hotel Cumbaza
  • Hotel Pacifico
  • Tucan Suites Aparthotel
  • Hostal Sol de Selva
  • Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto Resort
  • Hostal Casa De Palos
  • Rio Cumbaza Hotel
  • La Patarashca Hospedaje Turistico
  • La Posada Inn
  • Hotel Luna Azul
  • Plaza del Bosque
  • Hotel El Sauce Inn

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