Tourist Places to Visit in Juanjui, Peru, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Juanjui, Peru, America

Juanjui is a town situated in Mariscal Caceres province of Peru between 7°10′48.86″ S latitude and 76°43′35.28″ W longitude. It belongs to San Martín Region home to more than 54,000 people as of recent census.


Geography of Juanjui:

Juanjui is placed on the banks of the Huallaga River in the northern side of the country, around 190 km southeast of Moyobamba (regional capital) and 800 km north of Lima (national capital). Juanjui enjoys a tropical climate at an elevation of 283 meters.

The major neighborhoods of Juanjui are as follows:

  • Juanjuicillo
  • La Merced
  • Santa Rosa
  • Puerto Amberes
  • San Juan


History of Juanjui:

Juanjui was formed by the Spanish captain José Gaspar López Salcedo on September 24, 1827. It became the capital of Mariscal Caceres province on July 2, 1940.


How to reach Juanjui?

Juanjui has an airport with limited connection situated within the town.

The closest major airport to Juanjui is Cad. FAP Guillermo del Castillo Paredes Airport is situated in Tarapoto, around 140 km from Juanjui with frequent flights to Lima, Chiclayo, Juanjuí, Yurimaguas, Chiclayo, Iquitos, and Chachapoyas,

The major airlines that serve Tarapoto Airport are Star Perú, SkyWay, Peruvian Airlines, LAN Perú and Avianca.

Juanjui has good connectivity with Moyobamba and Tarapoto by regular bus services. Taxis and motocarros are options for local ravel.


Food and Shopping in Juanjui:

Juanjui is a pleasant town housing many standard food corners and shopping centres which offer products of traditional handicrafts to latest branded clothes, shoes, watches, sunglasses, hats and mobiles as well. Cards are generally accepted.


What to do in Juanjui?

  • Shopping
  • River
  • Walking


What to see in Juanjui?


Plaza de Armas:

Plaza de Armas is the major landmark as well as a tourist attraction of Juanjui featuring rare species of well maintained plants and superb eye catching landscape. Nice place to relax.


Huallaga River:

Huallaga River is a river which passes near the town rich in amphibian life home to around 18 different species of frogs. Red and black colored Dendrobates reticulates is a typical frog found in the river.


Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu:

Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu is a waterfall located in Tarapoto, about 130 km from Juanjui. Other than Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu, Juanjui is also home to many spectacular waterfalls including Cataratas de Huacamaillo. The Entrance fee is 3 sol.


Other places of interest in and around Juanjui include:

  • Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu
  • Juanjuí Airport
  • Cataratas de Huacamaillo
  • Puerto Amberes
  • La Victoria
  • Santa Rosa
  • San Juan
  • Petroglyphs of Polish
  • Vivero Agro Oriente
  • San Martín Museum
  • Gera Waterfalls
  • Morro de Calzada
  • Lahuarpia Waterfalls
  • Laguna Azul
  • Lago Lindo


When to visit Juanjui?

Generally ending months of the year will be ideal to visit Juanjui.


Accommodation options in Juanjui:

There are some upgraded accommodation centres in Juanjui; due to this tourists can refer hotels of Tarapoto (which is around 130 km away from Juanjui) for better hospitality services. There are buses generally available and tourists can also use rental cars or taxis to reach Tarapoto. Here is the list of major hotels in Juanjui and Tarapoto:

  • Rio Sol Tarapoto Hotel
  • Hotel Tarapoto Inn
  • Hotel Las Orquideas
  • Hotel La Mansion
  • Tucan Suites Aparthotel
  • Hostal Sol de Selva
  • Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto Resort
  • Hostal Casa De Palos
  • Rio Cumbaza Hotel
  • La Patarashca Hospedaje Turistico
  • Plaza del Bosque
  • La Posada Inn
  • Hotel Luna Azul
  • Hotel El Sauce Inn
  • Cerro Verde Hotel

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