Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rioja, Peru, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rioja, Peru, America

Rioja is the capital city of Rioja Province in the region of San Martín in Peru placed at an altitude of 848 meters in the northwest of Moyobamba (regional capital) and north of Lima (national capital). The Plaza de Armas is the major landmark as well as a tourist attraction of Rioja.


Geography of Rioja:

Rioja is geographically positioned towards the northern part of the country between 6°03′00″ S latitude and 77°08′30″ W longitude. It enjoys a semi-humid sub-tropical climate with an average temperature of 22.5° C.


History of Rioja:

The Uquihuas and the Chepenes were the two tribal groups settled in Rioja during the Inca era before the arrival of the Spanish. In September, 1782, Rioja was officially formed with the name Santo Toribio de la Nueva Rioja.


How to reach Rioja?

Rioja has its own airport, served by domestic airlines with flights to few domestic locations and also during special occasions and in case of medical emergency. Moyobamba Airport is the closest major airport to Rioja.

Rioja can be accessible through Carretera Marginal which is a jungle highway, by minibuses and collective taxis. Motor boats are used to reach Rioja through the river.

Rioja houses few travel agencies that offer car, bike and bicycles for local travel and to reach tourist destinations. Advance booking is offered.


Food and Shopping in Rioja:

Rioja is home to many standard food corners, tourists can also refer following food corners to taste variety of international cuisine (which are located in Moyobamba):

  • La Olla de Barro
  • Helados La Muyuna
  • El Huerto de Mi Amada
  • La Tullpa

Rioja hosts all the kinds of shops including traditional handicraft shops, jewelry and electrical and electronic showrooms.


Things to do in Rioja:

  • Park
  • River
  • Shopping
  • Walking


Tourist Attractions in Rioja:


The Plaza de Armas of Rioja:

The Plaza de Armas is the main square of Rioja featuring beautiful landscape, water fountain, well maintained plants and walkway and is surrounded by many restaurants, shops and entertainment centres. Nice environment, ideal to relax.


Mayo River:

Mayo River flows near Rioja, is home to diverse fishes and other typical marine species. Bring camera to take some pictures of the scenery. Great sightseeing spot.


Juan Simons Vela Airport:

Located few kilometers distance away from the town centre, Juan Simons Vela Airport is a well constructed airport and has a runway length of 6,168 feet. It can be reachable by rental vehicle.


Other places of interest near Rioja include:

  • Las Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu
  • Laguna Azul
  • Regional Museum of the National University of San Martin
  • Rio Abiseo National Park
  • Castillo de Lamas
  • Lago Lindo
  • Vivero Agro Oriente
  • Cataratas de Huacamaillo
  • Petroglyphs of Polish
  • Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu
  • Lahuarpia Waterfalls
  • Morro de Calzada
  • Gera Waterfalls


Ideal time to visit Rioja:

Throughout the year is best, especially from July to October will be best to visit Rioja.


Accommodation options in Rioja:

There are few reputed hotels in Rioja, due this it is advised for tourists to visit the hotels of nearby Moyobamba and Tarapoto to enjoy better hospitality services with latest facilities and services. The prominent hotels in Rioja, Moyobamba and Tarapoto are listed below:

  • Hotel Marcoantonio
  • Hotel Rio Mayo
  • Hospedaje Ecologico Rumipata
  • The Owlet Lodge
  • RioSol Tarapoto Hotel
  • El Sauce Resort
  • Hotel Tarapoto Inn
  • Hotel Las Orquideas
  • Hotel La Mansion
  • La Patarashca Hospedaje Turistico
  • Tucan Suites Aparthotel
  • Hostal Sol de Selva
  • Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto Resort
  • Hostal Casa De Palos
  • Rio Cumbaza Hotel
  • Hospedaje Ecologico Rumipata

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