Places to Visit in Vina del Mar, Chile, America

Places to Visit in Vina del Mar, Chile, America

Vina del Mar is a city located in Valparaíso province and region of Chile at an altitude of 2 meters, around 14 km from the provincial capital, Valparaíso and 130 km from the national capital, Santiago. It is popularly called as ‘The Garden City’ because of magnificent parks and water fountains and is also internationally recognized for its spectacular beaches.


Geography of Vina del Mar:

Vina del Mar is positioned on the Pacific coast of Central Chile with an area of 121.6 sq. km. The coordinates of Vina del Mar are 33°0′ S 71°31′ W. Vina del Mar belongs to the 3rd largest metropolitan area of Chile, the Greater Valparaíso.


History of Vina del Mar:

The literal meaning of Vina del Mar is ‘Vineyard by the Sea’. The major historical identities of Vina del Mar are the Presidential Palace, the Casino Municipal de Viña del Mar, the O’Higgins Hotel and the Miramar Hotel.


How to reach Vina del Mar?

Vina del Mar has its own airport but it operates fewer flights although it is served by many charter flights during peak tourist season (summer months), located 12 km away from the city centre and Valparaiso Airport is around 20 km away from the downtown Vina del Mar.

There are regular buses available from Pajaritos Station in Santiago to Vina del Mar, served by Turbus and Pullman Bus and charges one way cost of 3000 pesos.

Vina del Mar is served by metro train, intercity bus and taxi.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Vina del Mar:

Viña del Mar International Song Festival is the major event that takes place in Vina del Mar in the month of February annually. Vina del Mar also houses dozens of colonial buildings and museums.

The prominent restaurants of Vina del Mar are placed at Plaza México and Avenida San Martín and tourists can find seafood restaurants at Camino Costero. Vina del Mar is also rich in shopping sector with numerous large malls.


Things to do in Vina del Mar:

  • Festival celebration
  • Swimming
  • Shopping


Places of interest in Vina del Mar:

Reloj de Flores:

Vina del Mar is home to many colorful parks and water fountains including Reloj de Flores which is an outstanding flower clock made of striking flowers. It is one of the major highlights of the Vina del Mar city situated in the proximity of the famous Caleta Abarca Beach.


Fonck Museum:

Fonck Museum is a historical museum exhibiting a great collection of pre-Columbian articles and a typical moai statue. It was open in 1932, situated on the Cuatro Norte Street. Admission fee is $2.000 CLP for adults and $300 CLP for children.


Palacio Rioja:

Palacio Rioja is a huge mansion constructed in the year 1907 by Fernando Rioja, is placed on Quillota Street home to an environmental museum.


Other places of interest near Vina del Mar include:

  • Plaza del Reloj
  • La Quinta Vergara
  • Museo Artequin en Viña del Mar
  • Castillo Wulf
  • Palacio Carrasco
  • Renaca
  • Jardin Botanico Nacional
  • Quinta Vergara
  • Muelle Vergara
  • Rock House
  • Vina del Mar Casino
  • Palacio Presidencial
  • Playa Luna
  • Caleta Higuerilla
  • Sausalito Lagoon


Best time to visit Vina del Mar:

Probably the summer months are ideal to enjoy holidays in Vina del Mar.


Accommodation options in Vina del Mar:

Here is the list of prominent hotels, resorts, service apartments and lodges with upgraded tourist favor facilities in Vina del Mar:

  • Departamentos Club Roca Blanca
  • Sheraton Miramar Hotel & Convention Center
  • Hotel San Martin
  • Hotel Monterilla
  • Conference Town Hotel
  • Hotel Restaurant Cap Ducal
  • BEST WESTERN Marina Del Rey
  • Hotel Tres Poniente
  • Neruda Mar Suite Hotel
  • Hotel Salamandra
  • Dei Templi Apart Hotel
  • Gala Hotel & Centro de Eventos
  • Hotel Queen Royal
  • Hotel Quinta Vergara
  • Mantagua Hotel & Village

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