Arica Tourist Places to Visit in Arica, Chile, America

Arica Tourist Places to Visit in Arica, Chile, America

Arica is a port city as well as commune belonging to Arica Province of Arica y Parinacota Region in Chile geographically positioned at 18°29′ S 70°20′ W, around 2000 km north of Santiago, the capital of Chile. It is located in the extreme north of the country, 18 km away from the Chile-Peru border covering an area of 4,799.4 sq. km.

Arica is popularly known as the ‘city of the eternal spring’ because of its mild weather. The beaches of Arica are frequented by neighboring Bolivians other than Chileans.


History of Arica:

Arica was settled by Spaniards during the 1540, led by captain Lucas Martinez de Begazo. It became the part of Peruvian following the end of Spanish rule in Chile and it was also once occupied by Bolivia and finally Chile conquered Arica from Peru after the War of the Pacific in 1883.


How to reach Arica?

Chacalluta International Airport serves Arica with scheduled air services to Iquique, Santiago de Chile, Antofagasta and La Paz, served by LAN Airlines and Sky Airline. It is situated around 18 km from the midpoint of Arica city.

Taxis are generally available at the airport and visitors can take rented car as well.

Buses are available to move within the city, costing Ch$350 per person.

Radio taxis, Taxis and Colectivos (which charge around $550 CLP per trip) are other options to get around.


Food and Shopping in Arica:

List of major food corners in Arica are:

  • Lider Supermercado
  • Chifa Maxi
  • La Casa del Coctel
  • Restaurant La Gran Familia

Tourists can refer following shopping sites to purchase traditional handicrafts and fashion products:

  • Feria Dominical
  • Bolognesi
  • El Agro


Things to do in Arica:

  • Raices Andinas Day Tours
  • Disco Soho
  • Surfing
  • Casino


Places of interest in Arica:

Chungará Lake:

Situated within the Lauca National Park, Chungará Lake is the tenth highest lake in South America with a surface elevation of 4517 meters (29th in the world). This spectacular lake measures a surface area of 21.5 sq. km. and maximum depth of 33 meters.


Cathedral of San Marcos:

Cathedral of San Marcos is a famous attraction of Arica which was designed by Gustave Eiffel and opened in 1876. On October 4 1984, it gained the status of National Monument. Plaza Colón is a gateway to church.


Beaches of Arica:

Arica is one of the best coastal regions of Chile housing many well maintained stunning beaches including Chinchorro, del Alacrán, La Lisera, Brava, Arenillas Negras, La Capilla, Las Machas and Corazones.


Other places of interest near Arica include:

  • Termas de Jurasi
  • Surf Arica
  • Morro de Arica
  • Plaza Colón
  • The House of Culture
  • Arica-La Paz Railway Station
  • San Miguel de Azapa
  • Casino de Arica
  • Historical Governor House
  • Parque Nacional Lauca
  • Museo Arqueologico San Miguel de Azapa
  • El Morro de Arica
  • Museo Historico y de Armas


Best time to visit Arica:

Throughout the year is best, especially the summer months are ideal to explore beaches of Arica.


Accommodation options in Arica:

Arica is renowned for its magnificent beaches, discos and casinos as well as world famous hotels and resorts. Most of the luxury hotels and resorts are placed in the beachfront and list of major hotels in Arica is:

  • Chinchorro Suite
  • Hotel Casa Beltran
  • El Paso
  • HI Casa De Huespedes
  • Diego de Almagro
  • Hotel Sotomayor
  • Hotel Savona Arica
  • Panamericana Hotel Arica
  • Americano Hotel Arica
  • Hotel Bahia Chinchorro
  • Hotel Gavina Express
  • Hotel Sol de Arica
  • Azapa Inn Hotel & Convention Center
  • Hotel Concorde
  • Hotel Del Valle Azapa


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