Siuna Tourist Places to Visit in Siuna, Nicaragua, America

Siuna Tourist Places to Visit in Siuna, Nicaragua, America

Siuna is a city in the Siuna municipality in independent region of the Northern Atlantic in Republic of Nicaragua. Siuna economy depends on agriculture and cacao and chocolate production with several education, health and economic developments in the city, is one of the fast developing cities in Nicaragua country. Siuna is situated at the north eastern part of the country and located 155 kilometers away from the capital of the Independent Region of the Northern Atlantic, Puerto Cabezas. Siuna is surrounded by Bonanza, Rosita, Wasayama, Rio Blanco, Kuikuina and Wani and situated at the distance of 320 kilometers from capital of Nicaragua, Managua and coordinates are 13.7333° N, 84.7667° W.


History of Siuna:

Siuna was renowned for the gold mining in the country and La Luz Company was operating the mining business from the 1936 to 1968 and people from various parts of the country migrated to work in the gold mine, but the company was closed in the year 1968. Bonanza town is the only gold mining town in the country at present which is undertaken by the Calibre Mining Company.


Places to Visit in Siuna:

Brakira Balneario:

Brakira Balneario is one of the most visited tourism hubs in the Tupai community located at the distance of 100 kilometers from Siuna town, where tourists will be given the opportunity to interact with the nature and local communities in the region is surrounded by stunning landscapes.



Bonanza is small town located in the Independent Region of the Northern Atlantic, at the distance of 95 kilometers from Siuna town and in Bonanza town tourists can view the gold and silver mining production.


Things to do in Siuna:

  • Visit the local community
  • Visit the ruin gold mining
  • Visit the villages and stay with them
  • Boating in lake


Weather in Siuna:

Siuna experiences tropical climate with hot and humid climate throughout the year and dry season from December to May and wet season from June to November and best time to visit Siuna is from December to May.


How to Reach Siuna?

By Air:

Siuna Airport is located at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the town which caters with domestic flights to cities like Bonanza, Managua and Region Autonoma del Atlantico Norte. From airport tourists can board bus to reach the Siuna town.


By Road:

Siuna is connected with Nicaragua 21 and Rs 17 highways and buses are operated by the Government of Nicaragua and Siuna bus station operates buses to the capital of the department and country regularly and international buses are available from Managua city.


Where to Stay in Siuna?

Siuna hosts few well-known hotels, resorts and guest houses. The hotel rooms are planned as per the lavishness and comfort of the tourists.  The hotels are arid with natural lightening and dazzling ethnical embellishment and conveniences of the guest rooms comprise of TVs, coffee/tea, dining room, mini-bar, refrigerator, lavatory, room service and more. All the requirements are met with affordable budget and cost from $ 8 to $ 100 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Siuna are listed below:

  • Estancia del Desnuque Hotel
  • Hospedaje Siu Hotel
  • Hospedaje El Costeno Hotel
  • couple Pilo Hotel
  • Isa Padilla Hotel

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