Tijuana Tourist Places to Visit in Tijuana, Mexico, America

Tijuana Tourist Places to Visit in Tijuana, Mexico, America

Tijuana is a city located in Baja California State of Mexico, is the industrial and financial hub of the country on the Baja California Peninsula, about 175 km from Mexicali. Tijuana is the westernmost city of Mexico coming under the international San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area. The major landmarks in the city include Tijuana Lighthouse, Tijuana Country Club and Tijuana City Hall.


Geography of Tijuana:

Tijuana is placed on the Gold Coast of Baja California at an altitude of 20 meters at 32°31′30″ N 117°02′0″ W. The city of Tijuana spans over an area of 637 sq. km. and the metro covers 1,392.5 sq. km.


History of Tijuana:

There are several theories about the origin of name Tijuana, one theory states that, Tijuana derives its name from Kumeyaay word ‘Tiwan’ and another theory claims that, Tijuana got its name from Spanish word ‘Tia Juana’.

Kumeyaay people were the first inhabitants of Tijuana and Europeans visited Tijuana in the middle of the 16th century. Tijuana was initially formed as a village and it gained city status on July 11, 1889.


Connectivity to Tijuana:

Tijuana has an international airport named General Abelardo L. Rodtriguez International Airport which is located 9 km away from the city centre with regular services to major domestic and USA locations.

There are taxis and vans available at the airport and blue and white buses are accessible outside the airport to Tijuana downtown.

Bus and cabs are available for both local travel and to reach nearby cities. Discovery Mundo is the major private transfer.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Tijuana:

Tijuana is one of the cultural centres of Mexico housing many cultural centres of dance and music. The classic northern-Mexican music, Nortec is the major identity of Tijuana.

The major shopping malls in Tijuana include:

  • Plaza Mundo Divertido
  • Plaza Rio
  • Plaza Monarca
  • Plaza Carrousel

The typical food corners in Tijuana are:

  • Negro Durazo
  • La Cantina de los Remedios
  • La Diferencia
  • Villa Saverios


Things to do Tijuana:

  • Turista Libre Private Tours
  • Shopping
  • Stadium and cultural centres


Places of interest in Tijuana:

Tijuana Cultural Center:

Tijuana Cultural Center is the major cultural centre of Tijuana showcasing the history and culture. It was inaugurated on October 20, 1982, designed by Pedro Ramirez Vazquez and Manuel Rosen Morrison.


Tijuana Country Club:

Tijuana Country Club boasts a famous golf course which hosted many tournaments in recent years and was initially designed by William P. Bell in 1927.


Avenida Revolucion:

Avenida Revolucion in Zona Centro is the most important tourist location in Tijuana with cultural centres, restaurants, entertainment centres and nightclubs.


Other places of interest in Tijuana are:

  • Mercado Hildago
  • Playas de Tijuana
  • El Enchiloso
  • Old City Hall
  • El Popo Market
  • Tren Turistico Tijuana Tecate
  • Amigos del Artes
  • Ceart Tijuana
  • Ciro’s Arcade


Best time to visit Tijuana:

Except rainy season, all the seasons are ideal to visit Tijuana.


Accommodation options in Tijuana:

Being a popular tourist destination in Mexico, Tijuana houses many nice top end hotels which provide high degree of comfort to the tourists. Hotels provide the top hospitality services like free internet with Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, hot water baths, body massages, laundry and dry-cleaning along with healthy food. List of prominent hotels in Tijuana include:

  • Hotel Ticuan
  • Aqua Rio Hotel
  • Hotel Lucerna
  • Marriott Tijuana
  • Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza & Casino
  • Palacio Azteca Hotel
  • Hotel Real del Rio
  • City Express Tijuana Insurgentes
  • Bugambilias Otay Hotel
  • Hacienda del Rio
  • Fiesta Inn Tijuana Otay
  • Grand Hotel
  • Hotel Lausana
  • Hotel La Mesa Inn
  • Holiday Inn
  • Real del Mar Golf

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