Best Tourist Places to Visit in Nicaragua, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Nicaragua, America

Nicaragua is the biggest country in Central America and formally called as the Republic of Nicaragua, is renowned as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” and Caribbean Sea is situated at the East and North Pacific Ocean in the West and covers an area of 129,494 square kilometers and coordinates are 12.5969° N, 85.8795° W. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in America and the economy of the country depends on agriculture, fishing, mining and tourism. Nicaragua is divided into Atlantic, Central, Northern, and Pacific regions and each region is subdivided into departments. Managua is the capital of Republic of Nicaragua.


History of Nicaragua:

As per the records, it is believed that indigenous people were residing in the region and later in 500 BC; people migrated from Central Mexico to Nicaragua country.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to reach the Nicaragua region in the year 1502 and in the year 1520 Gil Gonzalez Davila attacked the indigenous people after exploring gold in the region. The Spanish settled in the country in the year 1524 and Granada was the first region where Spanish settled on the Lake Nicaragua. Momotombo volcano in the year 1610 destroyed the capital Leon and was later renovated.

In 1821, Nicaragua became the part of the First Independent Mexican Empire and in the year 1823, it became the part of Central America and U.S Marine attacked the Nicaragua country several times. Somoza Dynasty was ruling the country from the 20th century and later it became the independent country under the Central America.


People, culture and Food in Nicaragua:

Spanish is the official language of the country and native languages such as Miskito, Sumo, Rama and Garifuna are spoken by many people in the country. Roman Catholic is the main religion of the country followed by Evangelical, Moravian, Episcopal and others. Food is very cheap in country and there are several restaurants in the country and dinner in Nicaragua consists of rice, beans, salad and meat and fish.


Places to Visit in Nicaragua:

  • Moravian Church
  • Parque Municipal Mahogany
  • Mount Pleasant Hill
  • Little Corn Island
  • Fuerte La Polvora
  • ChocoMuseo
  • Guadalupe Church
  • Fortin de San Pablo
  • Pena de La Cruz
  • Pearl Lagoon
  • Wawashang Natural Reserve
  • Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge
  • Esperanza Verde Natural Reserve
  • El Coco Beach
  • Private Wildlife Reserve La Primavera
  • Brakira Balneario
  • El Astillero Beach
  • Colorado Beach
  • Tiscapa Lagoon
  • National Museum
  • San Diego Beach
  • Theater Justo Rufino Garay
  • San Rafael del Norte


Things to do in Nicaragua:

  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Alcaldia
  • Reserva Silvestre Greenfields
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Bird Watching
  • Aquatic Sports
  • Cultural Center
  • Historical Sites


Weather in Nicaragua:

Nicaragua climate is classified into dry and wet climate and lower lands are hot and highlands are cooler. The dry season begins from the month of November till April and wet season starts from May and continues till October and best time to visit Nicaragua is from November to April.

How to Reach Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has well-developed road system connecting major cities and towns in the country and Managua city is the hub for all the air and land transportation.

Augusto C. Sandino International Airport is located in Managua city which caters with domestic and international flights to all the airports within the country and international flights to cities in America.

All the domestic and international buses will operate from the Managua city to all the parts in Nicaragua country and international buses to neighboring countries and taxi, car and bike are the public transportation mode accessible to travel within the country.

Ferry services are operated in Bluefields to neighboring counties.


Where to Stay in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is enclosed with Caribbean Sea, Pacific Sea and royal mounts with a clean and pleasant atmosphere and astonishing charming sites. There are number of budget, standard and luxury hotels with remarkable comfortable and spacious rooms. Facilities offered to tourists in such hotels are 24 running water- hot and cold, TV, laundry service, etc. all these with a tariff varying from $ 8 to $ 500 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Nicaragua are listed here below:

  • Hotel Best View
  • Hotel Casa Ulrich
  • Hotel Casa Larocque
  • Hotel Casa del Sol
  • Hotel Camino Real
  • Art Hotel Managua
  • Hotel Annabas
  • Paraiso Beach Hotel
  • La Princesa de la Isla
  • Hotel Plaza Colon
  • Hotel Patio del Malinche
  • Hotel El Jaguar
  • La Estancia de Don Francisco
  • Hotel Cabinas Leyko
  • Hotel Mancarron Solentiname
  • Hospedaje Siu Hotel
  • Hospedaje El Costeno Hotel
  • Hotel Popoyo
  • Hotel Punta Teonoste

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