Places to Visit in Westmoreland, Jamaica, America

Places to Visit in Westmoreland, Jamaica, America

Westmoreland parish is located in the western part of the Jamaica Island. Westmoreland covers an area of 807 square kilometers and Cabaritta River is the longest river in the parish and economy of parish depends on tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Capital of Westmoreland is Savanna-la-Mar and parish is surrounded by Hanover, Saint James, Saint Elizabeth and Caribbean Sea and located at the distance of 205 kilometers from the capital of Jamaica, Kingston. Coordinates of Westmoreland is 18.2333° N, 78.1500° W.


History of Westmoreland:

Westmoreland was inhabited by Arawak and Coboney Indians around 500 BC. Columbus founded the Westmoreland on his second journey and claimed the island for Spain and Spanish first settled in Bluefields in the parish. In the year 1665, war between English and Spain, English captured the island and named the parish as Westmoreland. During 1700s English constructed the port in the parish to defend themselves from the attacks of pirates. From the year 1938 after the establishment of sugar estate in the island the Westmoreland flourished.


Places to Visit in Westmoreland:

Bluefields Beach:

Bluefields is a public beach frequently attracting a great number of local crowds at the weekends. The beach is about 1 kilometer in span and rather narrow. Food sellers ply their trade by the beach, many specializing in freshly caught fish but chicken and pork are also available.


Westmoreland Parish Church:

Westmoreland Parish Church is also identified as St. George Parish Church can be located on Great George Street and the foundation of the church was laid in the year 1903.



Belmont town is a place where great musicians of Jamaica were born and reggae musician was born in the Belmont but killed by gunmen robbing his house in the year 1987.


Paradise Park:

Paradise Park is the ideal place to find harmony and serenity in Jamaica. The park is a 1,000 acre working dairy farm dates back to 18th century and horseback tours are available in the park.


Other Places to visit in Westmoreland:

  • Seaford Town
  • Abeokuta
  • The Fountain
  • The Old Fort
  • The Court House
  • Kool Runnings
  • Negril Cruises
  • Lighthouse
  • Long Bay Beach Park
  • Reggae Marathon


Best time to Visit Westmoreland:

Negril is served by tropical monsoon climate with short dry season and best time to visit Negril is from December to March.


How to Reach Westmoreland?

By Air:

Negril Aerodrome is the only domestic airport in the parish located in Negril city and the flights are operated by Air Jamaica Express connecting to major destinations in the country.


By Road:

Westmoreland is well connected through roadways and a number of buses operate to different parts of the country to Westmoreland parish recurrently. Car and motorcycle are available for rent in the most of the hotels where tourists can take a ride to nearby towns and beaches.


Where to Stay in Westmoreland?

Among the ravines valleys and hills remarkable landscapes are present some of the hand picked and graceful world class 1 star and four star hotels in Westmoreland. Various amenities such as sauna, spa, flat TV with cable connection, 24 hour check in and out, etc. are available in three star and four star hotels in Westmoreland for rent varying from $ 300 to $ 1,000. There are also economy hotels with decent clean rooms at Westmoreland renting rooms at $ 30 for single room and $ 100 for a double room per day. Some of the hotels in Westmoreland are listed below:

  • Foote Prints on the Sands
  • Legends Beach Resort
  • Sunset On The Cliffs Resort
  • Summerset Village
  • Fun Holiday Beach Resort
  • Cotton Tree Place Hotel
  • The Yellow Bird
  • New Moon Cottage
  • Banana Shout Resort
  • White Sands Negril
  • Rhodes Resort Jamaica
  • Negril Beach Club Resort

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