Places to Visit in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, America

Places to Visit in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, America

Saint Elizabeth is located in the southwest part of the Jamaica Island is one of the largest parishes in the country and capital of the parish is Black River. Saint Elizabeth covers an area of 1212.4 square kilometers (468.1 square miles) and divided into four districts North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West. Black River is the main and the longest river in the country and north and northeast parts of the parish is surrounded by mountainous region.

Saint Elizabeth is surrounded by Manchester, Westmoreland, St. James and Trelawny and situated at the distance of 127 kilometers from the capital of Jamaica Kingston. Coordinates of Saint Elizabeth are 18.0500° N, 77.7833° W.


History of Saint Elizabeth:

Saint Elizabeth was the largest parish in the Jamaica covering even south west part of the island but in the year 1703, Westmoreland was divided for the parish. After the settlement of English in the region they planted the sugar cane in the parish and flourished on the banks of River Black as a major seaport and goods were exported from Black port to various countries.


Places to Visit in Saint Elizabeth:

Apple Valley Park:

Apple Valley Park is situated on the Black River is an untouched countryside of Maggotty in the center of St. Elizabeth and park is surrounded by water all around, the trickling waterfalls, the man-made ponds for fishing, and paddle-boating that all add to the silence attraction of Apple Valley.


Black River Safari:

Black River Safari tour is for all the ages is a peaceful trip up Jamaica’s longest river, along one can see uncommon tropical animals and a profusion of flora and fauna even crocodiles in their natural habitats.


Y.S. Falls:

Y.S. Falls is near the Black River Town is believed the most beautiful and unspoiled in Jamaica offers waterfall that falls down 120 feet of wonderfully formed rock into enticing swimming holes.


Fonthill Beach Park:

The Fonthill Beach Park is small but flawlessly kept elongate of gold sand beach. The beach is hardly ever visited by tourists but is popular among the local populaces.


Other Places to Visit in Saint Elizabeth:

  • Bubbling Spring
  • Lovers Leap
  • Appleton Rum Estate
  • Pelican Bar
  • Bamboo Avenue
  • The Cockpit Country
  • Accompong
  • Middle Quarters
  • Mount Ajax
  • Guthrie’s Defile
  • Chew Manga
  • Gutters
  • Giddy Hall


Best time to Visit Saint Elizabeth:

Saint Elizabeth climate is classified as the tropical monsoon climate with a short dry season to the rest of the country and the climate is sunny throughout the year. Best time to visit Saint Elizabeth is from December to March.


How to Reach Saint Elizabeth?

By Air:

Saint Elizabeth is not served by airport due to the hilly region but the nearest airport to Saint Elizabeth is Marlboro Airport located at the distance of 33 kilometers from center of the parish in Manchester and airport serves with domestic flights to Kingston everyday. From airport tourists can board the buses to reach destinations in Saint Elizabeth.


By Sea:

Black River Port is the major port in the parish situated in Black River town caters with national and international cruise ships and commercial ships as well.


By Road:

Saint Elizabeth has good road connectivity from other parts of the country along the Coastline and to hilly region as well. From Black River town tourists can avail the bus services to other parts of the country.


Where to Stay in Saint Elizabeth?

Saint Elizabeth has some of the most excellent in class hotels that provide excellent accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the place throughout the year. The hotels range from small budget ones to ultra luxurious deluxe hotels offering hosts of amazing services, hospitality and amenities. List of some of the hotels located in Saint Elizabeth include:

  • Southview Hotel
  • Idlers’ Rest Beach Hotel
  • Treasure Beach Hotel
  • Katamah Beachfront Resort
  • Button Bay Beach Getaway
  • Paradise Matumba 1 Bed Villa
  • The Cove Jamaica
  • Golf View Hotel
  • Two Seasons Guest House
  • Villa Bella

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