Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ica, Peru, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ica, Peru, America

Ica is the capital city of the region of Ica in Peru geographically positioned between 14°04′ S latitude and 75°44′ W longitude. It is located in the southern part of the country at an elevation of 406 meters, about 310 km southeast of the national capital, Lima.

Agriculture is the backbone of Ica’s economy with the production of cotton, asparagus, olives, grapes and many other major crops. Ica draws a large number of domestic as well as foreign tourists for its pre-Columbian archeological sites throughout the year.


History of Ica:

Ica city was formed by Gerónimo Luis de Cabrera as Villa de Valverde on June 17 1563. Ica was heavily damaged by 2007 Peru earthquake with the collapse of many historical buildings and houses and also around 90 people died in that incident.


Connectivity to Ica:

Ica is connected with Lima through the Pan-American Highway with regular bus services and tourist vehicles. It takes generally 4 1/2 hours from Lima to Ica by bus.

Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera Airport is the closest airport to Ica situated at a distance of around 75 km. It offers services to Lima and Cusco, served by LC Perú.

Tourists can use a taxi or car or bus to reach Ica from Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera Airport and buses are generally cheaper and safer.


Food and Shopping in Ica:

There are numerous international standard food corners in Ica serving visitors with lots of love and care with a variety of traditional and international delicacies. Ica is also home to many upgraded shops all around the city. The major restaurants in Ica are listed below:

  • Oasis de America
  • Y Punto Restaurante
  • El Encanto de la Huerta
  • Don Fernando Restaurant Gourmet
  • La Casa de Bamboo


Things to do in Ica:

  • Archeological sites
  • Museums
  • Parks


Tourist Attractions in Ica:


Museo Regional de Ica:

Museo Regional de Ica is a museum displaying artifacts from the pre-Columbian and the Spanish colonial period such as funerary bundles, mummies, furniture and paintings. Nice collection.

Huacachina oasis:

Huacachina oasis is situated in the proximity of Ica attracting adventure lovers from all around the country and also from neighboring countries, especially youngsters for sand boarding.


Paracas National Reserve:

Located in Pisco around 80 km away from Ica, Paracas National Reserve is spread over an area of 335,000 hectares home to diverse species of animals, birds and plants as well. It was designated as a national reserve on March 30, 1992.


Other places of interest near Ica include:

  • Museo de Piedras Grabadas
  • Huacachina Lagoon
  • Bodega El Catador
  • Cabrera Museum
  • Hacienda Tacama Bodega
  • Bodega Ocucaje
  • Bodegas Vista Alegre
  • Museo Arqueologico Paracas
  • Community Museum in Pisco


Ideal time to visit Ica:

From July to November is the perfect time to enjoy your holidays in Ica.


Accommodation options in Ica:

Ica is mainly known for its archeological sites and equally famous for top class hotels that offer different tourists favor facilities such as TV, AC, arrangement of car and bike, 24 hour internet connectivity and help desk and food on request. The main hotels in Ica are as follows:

  • Hotel Las Flores
  • Hotel Villa Jazmin
  • Hotel Las Dunas
  • Hotel Boutique La Angostura
  • El Carmelo Hotel and Hacienda
  • Hostal Sol de Ica
  • Hotel Belle Sand
  • Mantantial La Maquina Palpa
  • Hotel Villa de Valverde
  • Wakama Eco Resort
  • El Parral Hotel
  • Ocucaje Sun & Wine Resort
  • La Florida Inn
  • Real Hotel Ica
  • La Choza Hotel
  • Hostal Rocha

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