Tourist Places to Visit in Andahuaylas, Peru, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Andahuaylas, Peru, America

Andahuaylas is the capital city of the province of Andahuaylas in Peru geographically placed between 13°39′27″ S latitude and 73°23′0″ W longitude, around 105 km west of the regional capital, Abancay and 740 km southeast of the national capital, Lima.

Andahuaylas is the 2nd most populated city in Apurímac region behind Abancay. The literal meaning of Andahuaylas in local language is ‘prairie of many colored clouds’. Central Plaza is the major landmark as well as tourist attraction of the city and Andahuaylas is home to many reputed hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers.


Geography of Andahuaylas:

Andahuaylas is spread over an area of 370.03 sq. km. situated on the western side of the region at an altitude of 2,926 meters.


Connectivity to Andahuaylas:

Andahuaylas is served by an airport with connection to the national capital, Lima, catered by both LC Peru and Star Peru. Other than scheduled flights, it also operates charter flights during peak tourist season and special occasions.

Andahuaylas Airport is situated around 17 km away from the city centre and there are taxis available at the airport charging 10 soles to reach downtown Andahuaylas.

Andahuaylas is also connected by bus with the major cities of the country such as Ayacucho, Lima and Cusco. It takes around 4 hours from Abancay (regional capital) to Andahuaylas.

Collectivo and mototaxis are widely used for local travel in Andahuaylas.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Andahuaylas:

Andahuaylas is a colorful city housing plenty of natural as well as man-made attractions as well as both traditional and modernized shops and food corners.

Sunday Market is the best place to purchase different traditional handicrafts and paintings. Some purchasable items include vegetable, grain, shoes, jeans, jackets and housewares.

Restaurant Vista Alegre is one of the well known restaurants in Andahuaylas serving guests with Pachamanca, Chairo, Cuy, Chicharrones and many other native and international dishes.

Restaurant Sol de Oro is a Chinese food corner charging around 6 Soles per item. Other restaurants near Andahuaylas are Que Chicha and Limonchayoc Café.


Things to do in Andahuaylas:

  • Shopping
  • Parks
  • Archeological sites


Tourist Attractions in Andahuaylas:

Central Plaza:

Central Plaza is the highlight of Andahuaylas featuring a unique bird on animal statue and eye catching landscape. The environment is very nice, ideal to relax.


Sunday Market:

Sunday Market takes place in the east end of town along the river. It is considered as South America’s one of the colorful markets and is open from early morning to 5PM (Sunday only). Tourists can purchase different traditional handicrafts, tasty fruits, vegetables, shoes and jackets at affordable prices here.


Laguna de Pacucha:

Laguna de Pacucha can be reachable by taxi or colectivo, costs around 3 Soles. This spectacular natural site is frequently visited by tourists from the different regions of the country.


Other places of interest near Andahuaylas include:

  • Andahuaylas Airport
  • Sondor Archaeological Site
  • Santuario Nacional de Ampay
  • Estadio Monumental de Condebamba
  • Chuspipata


Best time to visit Andahuaylas:

Throughout the year is best, especially summer months are ideal to tour Andahuaylas.


Accommodation options in Andahuaylas:

Andahuaylas is home to around 5 reputed accommodation centres with all the basic facilities and services such as AC, internet connectivity, TV, telephone, fridge, hot water bath and breakfast. The prominent hotels in and around Andahuaylas are as follows:

  • La Mansion Casa Hotel
  • Hostal Delicias
  • Sol de Oro
  • El Encanto de Oro
  • Imperio Chanka Hotel
  • Hotel Turistas de Abancay
  • Hotel Imperial Abancay Apurimac Peru
  • El Peregrino Aparthotel
  • Abmale Hostal
  • Saywa Hotel
  • Villa Los Loros Choquequirao Lodge
  • Hotel & Restaurante Tampumayu
  • Villa Los Loros Choquequirao Lodge

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