Tourist Places to Visit in Pucallpa, Peru, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Pucallpa, Peru, America

Pucallpa is the capital city of the Coronel Portillo province and Ucayali region of Peru located between 8°23′ S latitude and 74°33′ W longitude at an elevation of 154 meters, around 710 km northeast of Lima, the capital of Peru. Yarinacocha is a famous lake situated around 5 km away from Pucallpa and Pucallpa Plaza is the major landmark as well as a tourist attraction of Pucallpa and other landmarks are Parque Natural and Animal Park.


History of Pucallpa:

Franciscan missionaries were the founder of Pucallpa, founded in the 1840. Earlier it was a small city, did not have a good connection with other cities of Peru and its development began with the completion of a thoroughfare to Lima in 1945.


Connectivity to Pucallpa:

FAP Captain David Abenzur Rengifo International Airport is the airport serving Pucallpa with connections to major domestic and international locations including Iquitos, Lima and seasonal flights to Tarapoto, catered by Star Perú, Peruvian Airlines and LAN Perú.

Pucallpa Airport is situated 6 km away from the midpoint of the city.

Pucallpa can be reachable by boat from Iquitos and Puerto Bermudez.

Transmar is the major bus operator providing services between Lima and Pucallpa and it takes about 18 hours and costs around S/.100.

Mototaxis is the major option to get around costing S/.2.00 for a trip and Collectivo is an additional option.


Food and Shopping in Pucallpa:

Pucallpa houses many international standard restaurants that serve guests with a variety of tasty and healthy traditional and foreign food items with lots of love and care.

The major food corners in Pucallpa are listed below:

  • El Paraiso Restaurant Vegetariano
  • Chifa Dragon de Oro
  • Restaurante Pizzeria Sofia
  • La Maloka Ecolodge
  • 7 Maderos

Los Andes Market is a perfect place to buy European or North American products and other than the Los Andes Market, Pucallpa is also packed with plenty of traditional and modern shops all around.


Things to do in Pucallpa:

  • Park
  • Lake
  • Shopping
  • Hiking


Tourist Attractions in Pucallpa:

Parque Natural:

Parque Natural is a zoo of Pucallpa located few kilometers away from the city centre, it can be reachable by bus or taxi. Explore the zoo carefully.


Yarinacocha Lake:

In the vicinity of the city of Pucallpa, Yarinacocha Lake is a striking lake housing many fresh water dolphins and other notable marine life. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beaches of Yarinacocha here. Take a boat tour.


Pucallpa Plaza:

Pucallpa Plaza is the highlight of Pucallpa city surrounded by plenty of restaurants, shops and entertainment centres. It is great to see San Martín Fountain in the plaza at night.


Other places of interest near Pucallpa include:

  • Animal Park
  • Beaches of Yarinacocha
  • Recreation Center
  • Boqueron del Padre Abad
  • Urubamba River
  • El Rincon Ingles



Ideal time to visit Pucallpa:

Generally from June to October is the best time to visit Pucallpa while weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in Pucallpa:

Pucallpa is a colorful city home to many natural as well as man-made attractions attracting tourists from all around the world. Due to the visit of abundance of foreign tourists, there are plenty of top class hotels established in Pucallpa with grand facilities and services. The major hotels in Pucallpa are listed below:

  • Del Castillo Plaza Hotel
  • Manish Hotel Ecologico
  • Ucayali River Hotel
  • Los Gavilanes Hotel
  • Sachamama Ecolodge
  • Hospedaje El Virrey
  • RIO Hotel Casino & Spa
  • Hotel Luz De Luna
  • Hospedaje Komby
  • Hotel Sol del Oriente
  • Grand Hotel Mercedes
  • Pandisho Amazon Ecolodge
  • Ani Nii Shobo
  • Campo Verde Lodge
  • Antonio’s Hotel

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