Best Tourist Places to Visit in Port Antonio, Jamaica, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Port Antonio, Jamaica, America

Port Antonio is located in Portland Parish on the north east part of Jamaica country is the third largest port in the country is mainly used for commercial activities and tourism industry is the main source of economy. Port Antonio is surrounded by Hope Bay, St Margarets Bay, Orange Bay, Boston Bay and Long Bay and located at the distance of 90 kilometers from the capital of Jamaica, Kingston and coordinates are 18.1757° N, 76.4503° W.


History of Port Antonio:

Port Antonio was not recognized until the Lorenzo Dow Baker visited the region and established the banana trade in the Jamaica and later became the prosperous town in the country and many renowned personalities from the world visited the port Antonio.


Places to Visit in Port Antonio:

Frenchman’s Cove:

Frenchman’s Cove is located at the distance of 8 kilometers from Port Antonio was constructed by Garfield Weston and the resort is the one of the most exclusive resorts in the world and major destination in the Port Antonio.


Shan Shy Beach:

The Shan Shy beach is a gorgeous white sand shore placed away to the West of Port Antonio. Shan Shy is a laid back fishing seashore where the speed of life is a whole lot slower.


The Blue Lagoon:

The Blue Lagoon is located near to Golin Villa is a natural and deep lagoon and depth of the lagoon is 180 feet is a mystical blue color change all through the day, depending on the position of the sun.


Trident Castle:

The Trident castle is the only castle in the Caribbean and was constructed in the year 1980 by the designer Earl Levy and belongings is an illustration of rocco stonework, built in an Austrian Baroque technique.


Other Places to Visit in Port Antonio:

  • Navy Island
  • Monkey Island
  • Errol Flynn Marina
  • The Folly Ruins
  • Folly Point Lighthouse
  • Main Square
  • Port Antonio Square
  • Christ Church
  • Fort George Ruins
  • New Courthouse


Best time to Visit Port Antonio:

Port Antonio experiences hot and humid weather representative to rest of the country. It is sunny all through the year with hardly any seasonal differences in climate. The average annual temperature is 23°C. Best time to visit Port Antonio is from December to March.


How to Reach Port Antonio?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Port Antonio is Ken Jones Aerodrome situated at the distance of 12 kilometers. The fights are operated by Air Jamaican Express connecting to major cities in Jamaica. Tourists can board the bus from airport to Port Antonio or can hire taxi.


By Train:

Port Antonio Railway Terminal is accessible with daily train services from Kingston, Spanish Town and Bog Walk.


By Road:

Port Antonio Bus Terminal is the major bus terminal in north east of the island has daily services to cities and town in the north east part of the country.


Where to Stay in Port Antonio?

Port Antonio is a popular tourist attraction for many international tourists, has some best reputed hotels offering the utmost comfort and ambience to the tourists. Visitors can select a hotel as per their choice, requirements and budget as the hotels range from 1 star club to 5 star clubs in Port Antonio. Apart from offering fantastic accommodation options, they also serve authentic exotic cuisines and dishes which leave lasting impressions. List of hotels located in Port Antonio is:

  • Bay View Eco Resort & Spa
  • Dolphin Bay Yoga Guest House
  • Tranquility Villa
  • Hotel Tim Bamboo
  • Moon San Villa at The Blue Lagoon
  • By the Sea Vacation Home and Villa
  • Spring Garden Guesthouse
  • Jamaica Palace Hotel
  • San San Tropez
  • Tropical Lagoon Resort
  • Goblin Hill Villas
  • Hotel Mocking Bird Hill

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