Tourist Places to Visit in Saint Mary, Jamaica, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Saint Mary, Jamaica, America

Saint Mary Parish is situated in the northeast part of the Jamaica Island in Central America. Saint Mary is the smallest parish in the country spans an area of 610 square kilometers and has few high rising mountains up to 4000 feet above the sea level. The Saint Mary economy is mainly based on agriculture and tourism industry. Saint Mary is surrounded by Saint Ann, Saint Catherine, Saint Andrew, and Portland and located at the distance of 67 kilometers from the capital of the country Jamaica, Kingston. Coordinates of Saint Mary are 18.3167° N, 76.9000° W.


History of Saint Mary:

Tracks of Taino and Arawak Indian people can be found in the Saint Mary is the first parish to established by the Spanish. In the year 1655, English captured the island from the Spanish in the war. In the year 1759, Fort Haldane was constructed in the Port Maria to defend them self from the raids of Spain. In the year 1834, James Phillippo changed the course of the town and constructed the first church in the town and he purchased the lands from the rich landlord and constructed the schools, houses, churches and businesses for the residence of Oracabessa and provided the land to the slaves for cultivation and made the town slave free.


Places to Visit in Saint Mary:


Firefly is located in Galina town in Saint Mary was the Noel Coward’s former home is open to public. The views from Firefly are truly magnificent, with a sea view that extends all the way to Port Antonio on a clear day.


Robin’s Bay:

Robin’s Bay presents one of the last pieces of undeveloped shoreline in all of Jamaica. The area identified as Robin’s Bay comprises of 20,000 acres of land extend over a 15 mile coastline. Robin’s Bay comprises of two beaches visited by number of tourists.


Irie Beach:

Irie Beach is not actually a beach at all but a scenic section of the White River is one of the best river-bathing experiences to be had in Jamaica. The sandy bottomed river flows gently through the park, allowing for safe swimming and other activities.


Rio Nuevo Battle Site:

The battle took place in the year 1658, between the Spanish and the English forces. The battle was won by the English and resulted in Jamaica becoming a British colony. The place is now a charming green space where tourists can consider the consequence of the historic events which occurred here centuries earlier.


Other Places to Visit in Saint Mary:

  • Castleton Botanical Gardens
  • Brimmer Hall
  • Harmony Hall
  • Moxon’s Restaurant
  • Golden Eye
  • Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary


Best time to Visit Saint Mary:

Saint Mary faces tropical monsoon climate with short dry season. The climate normally ranges from 23° Celsius to 33° Celsius and best time to visit Saint Mary is from December to March.


How to Reach Saint Mary?

Ian Fleming International Airport situated in Boscobel is a major international airport in the country has regular flights to American and Caribbean countries. From airport regular taxi and bus services are accessible to cities and towns in the Saint Mary parish. Port Maria is the capital of the parish and has a major bus terminal in the parish from where one can board to reach other places in the parish.


Where to Stay in Saint Mary?

There are many good hotels situated in Saint Mary that range from 1 star club to 5 star club providing a host of amenities and services. Being a popular tourist destination in Jamaica, the hotels offer all warmth and hospitality to the tourists visiting the city from time to time. Some of the top class amenities offered by the hotels include spa, sauna, room heaters, air coolers, facilities for disabled guests, laundry and ironing services, airport shuttle etc. List of some of the hotels situated in Saint Mary are:

  • Casa Maria Hotel
  • Galina Breeze Hotel
  • Goldeneye Hotel
  • Emerald view Resort Villa
  • Crane Ridge Resort Hotel
  • Village Hotel
  • Silver Seas Hotel
  • Turtle Beach Towers Hotel
  • Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club
  • Moxons Beach Club
  • Toby’s Resort
  • Couples Tower

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