Tourist Places to Visit in St Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana, America

Tourist Places to Visit in St Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana, America

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is a town in French Guiana country, an overseas region and department of France in South America. Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is situated in the North West part of the French Guiana on the Maroni River on the border of Suriname. Economy of the town depends on sugarcane production, rum production and town is renowned for woodworks like chairs and tables and eco tourism is renowned along the river.

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is situated at the distance of 256 kilometers from Cayenne, capital of French Guiana department and coordinates are 5.4994° N, 54.0311° W.


Tourism in St Laurent du Maroni:

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is the colonial town surrounded by old official buildings with unique architectural style and the buildings were constructed during the 19th century. Most of the colonial buildings are situated on Avenue De Gaulle and Avenue Lieutenant-Colonel Tourtet where tourists can view the old colonial buildings.


Weather in St Laurent du Maroni:

Climate in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is pleasant due to the river flowing through the town and due to the mountainous region and best time to visit Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is from August to November.


Transportations to St Laurent du Maroni:

By Air:

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni Airport situated at the distance of 6 kilometers at an elevation of 17 feet (5 meters) above the sea level and handles flights to Cayenne, Grand Santi, and Maripasoula cities. Form airport tourists can board bus or can hire taxi to reach the town.


By Road:

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is linked through national highways and buses will operate from Cayenne city to Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni regularly.


By Boat:

Small boats will operate from Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni to Albina town in Suriname country frequently.


Accommodation in St Laurent du Maroni:

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni is historical town and has few hotels which provides basic facilities to the visitors and along with the hotels, tourists can find guesthouses and home stay facilities in the town with amenities like single and double rooms, kitchen, individual and share bathroom, living room, hot water, mosquito net and fan in every room and restaurants are located close to the hotels. Some of the hotels in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni are as follows:

  • Le Relais des 3 Lacs
  • Hotel La Tentiaire
  • Hotel Star

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