Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in French Guiana, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in French Guiana, America

French Guiana is also called as Guiana is an overseas department and region of French in South America. French Guiana is situated towards the north Atlantic Coast spans an area of 83,534 square kilometers (32,253 square miles) and least populated department in French.

French Guiana is home to one of the largest rain forest in the world enclosed with mountain regions and small islands visited by thousands of tourists all through the year and students visits the department due to its unique ecosystems and forest are protected by International Union for Conservation of Nature.

French Guiana is home to Guiana Space Centre which is jointly operated by Europe and French. French Guiana is surrounded by Suriname and Brazil and coordinates are 4.0000° N, 53.0000° W.


History of French Guiana:

French Guiana was settled by indigenous people before the establishment of French Colony. In the year 1763, French established the colony in the region but most of the French populaces died due to tropical diseases. French constructed the prison in Devil’s Island where all the prisoners were kept, but all the prisoners were died due to the diseases later they constructed the prisons in main land and settlement was established in the region but it was destroyed by Portuguese and captured by Portuguese but returned to France in the year 1814. In the year 1965, Guiana Space Centre was established in the Kourou city.


Places to See in French Guiana:

Cayenne Zoo:

Cayenne Zoo is located near the Cayenne city and tourists visiting Cayenne city will visit Cayenne Zoo which is surrounded by lush vegetation and plenty of wild animals and provides the incredibly natural environment to animals.


Guiana Amazonian Park:

Guiana Amazonian Park is located close to Maripasoula town in French Guiana is the one of the major national parks of France surrounded by Amazonian forest. Amazonia forest spans over 20,300 square kilometers (7,840 square miles) is the largest protected rain forest in the world.


Devil’s Island:

Devil’s Island is situated at the distance of 15 kilometers from French Guiana and spans an area of 34.6 acres of land area, one of the best islands to visit in the Kourou city which is surrounded by lush greenery and tourists can find the ruins of prisons in the island.


Other places to visit in French Guiana:

  • Musée de l’Espace
  • Les Roches Gravées
  • Montagne des Singes
  • Kourou River
  • Maroni River
  • Remire-Montjoly Beach
  • Place des Palmistes
  • Place Victor Schoelcher Market
  • Avenue du General de Gaulle
  • Cayenne River
  • Fort Diamant
  • Place Grenoble


Weather in French Guiana:

Climate is moderate in the French Guiana throughout the year with small variation in the weather and it rains almost throughout the year best time to visit French Guiana is from July to November.


Transportation at French Guiana:

Cayenne – Felix Eboue Airport is the main and busiest airport in the French Guiana situated in Cayenne city in Matoury commune and has daily two flights to Paris and also operates flights to Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Port-au-Prince, Miami and Belem. Dégrad des Cannes port is located in Cayenne city which handles large commercial ships is mainly used for import and export purpose and small boats operate in the country connecting to all the towns along the Coast. Cayenne has the main bus terminal in the country which handles international bus services to Suriname and Brazil country and minibuses are available to get around the country. Buses are the main mode of transportation in the country.


Accommodation in French Guiana:

Hotels with world class amenities are available in Cayenne and Kourou cities with rooms rented at $ 30 for luxury and $ 100 for suites per day and budget, guesthouses and home stay accommodation facilities are available throughout the French Guiana department at the cost of $ 8 to $ 30 per day and diverse amenities such as Spa, air condition, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, sauna, TV, car on hire etc., are available in five star hotels at French Guiana. List of hotels in French Guiana are listed here below:

  • Hotel Ker Alberte
  • Novotel Cayenne
  • Hotel Central Cayenne
  • Hotel Bar Restaurant Les hAmandiers
  • Mo Ti Kote
  • Hotel La Marmotte
  • Hotel Ballahou
  • Le Gros Bec
  • Hotel des Roches
  • Mercure Kourou Ariatel
  • Relais Mercure Kourou Atlantis
  • La Chaumiere
  • Hotel La Tentiaire
  • Hotel Balourou
  • Relais des 3 Lacs
  • Motel Beauregard

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