Places to Visit in Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Ecuador, America

Places to Visit in Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Ecuador, America

Tiputini Biodiversity Station is a scientific field research center situated in Orellana province of Ecuador between latitude 0°38′18″ S and longitude 76°9′0″ W. It is home to diverse species of insects, birds, bats, reptiles and amphibians from all around the globe.

Tiputini Biodiversity Station belongs to Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, maintained by Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Boston University jointly. Tiputini Biodiversity Station was established in the year 1995 and the present infrastructure comprises of 9 cabins, a few labs, bathrooms and toilets as well.


Geography of Tiputini Biodiversity Station:

Tiputini Biodiversity Station lies on the northern bank of the River Tiputini which separates Tiputini Biodiversity Station from Yasuni National Park and the station is situated around 280 km from the national capital, Quito.


Connectivity to Tiputini Biodiversity Station:

Francisco de Orellana Airport is the nearest airport to Tiputini Biodiversity Station located in the capital of Orellana province, Puerto Francisco de Orellana. It is catered by AeroGal and TAME with flights to Guayaquil, Latacunga and Quito.

Tiputini Biodiversity Station is in a remote location and there are tourist vehicles generally available in Puerto Francisco de Orellana to TBS.

Other than flights, tourists can also reach Puerto Francisco de Orellana by bus from Quito, served by many prominent private bus companies.


Food and Shopping near Tiputini Biodiversity Station:

Tiputini Biodiversity Station is a remote place and there are few food corners and shops near, so it is advised for tourists to bring food packets from the city. Local shops offer traditional handicrafts and biscuit packets and water bottle. Cards are generally not accepted and it is advised to carry cash.


Things to do in Tiputini Biodiversity Station:

  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Sightseeing


Tourist Attractions near Tiputini Biodiversity Station:

Yasuni National Park:

Yasuni National Park is detached from Tiputini Biodiversity Station by Tiputini River covering an area of 9,820 sq. km. It was established on July 26, 1979 and was declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1989 and it houses the population of different amphibian, bird, mammal and plant species as well as 800 million barrels of crude oil reserves.


Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve:

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home to a diverse animal and bird species of Ecuador. Prior permission is necessary and animal and bird hunting is strictly prohibited.


CICAME Museum:

CICAME Museum is located in Puerto Francisco de Orellana exhibiting a nice collection of artifacts from the Spanish colonial period.


List of other places of interest near Tiputini Biodiversity Station include:

  • Huaorani Reserve
  • Museo del Banco Central
  • Conjunto Monumental San Francisco
  • Museo de la Ciudad
  • Casa de la Cultura
  • Museo Mindalae
  • The Intiñan Solar Museum
  • Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesus
  • Museo Guayasamin
  • Calle de la Ronda
  • La Vírgen del Panecillo
  • Curaray River
  • Mitad del Mundo


Best time to visit Tiputini Biodiversity Station:

Generally summer months are ideal to visit Tiputini Biodiversity Station.

Accommodation options near Tiputini Biodiversity Station:

There are less well facilitated hotels near Tiputini Biodiversity Station and camping is an option for tourist’s stay. So it is suggested for tourists to stay in the neighboring city hotel and visit Tiputini Biodiversity Station by private vehicle or tourist buses from the hotel. The prominent hotels and lodges near Tiputini Biodiversity Station are listed below:

  • Hotel Oasis
  • EI Auca
  • La Selva
  • Sacha Lodge
  • Shiripuno Lodge
  • Amazonas
  • La Misión
  • Lojanita
  • Hotel Rio Napo
  • Cabañas Bataburo
  • Añangucocha
  • Sani Isla
  • Secoya Lodge
  • Yuturi Forest Lodge
  • Amazon Dolphin Lodge
  • Arcoiris Jungle Lodge

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