Best Tourist Places to Visit in Pastaza, Ecuador, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Pastaza, Ecuador, America

Pastaza is one of the provinces of Pastaza placed between 01°4′00″ S latitude and 78°00′04″ W longitude. Puyo is the capital of the province located around 345 km northeast of the country’s largest city, Guayaquil and 230 km southeast of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Pastaza is the largest province in terms of area and richest in biodiversity in Ecuador. The economy of Pastaza is centered on agricultural activities with the productions of bananas, tobacco, cocoa, coffee and grapefruit.


Geography of Pastaza:

Pastaza is divided into four cantons in the area 29,325 sq. km. and the cantons are:

  • Arajuno
  • Mera
  • Pastaza
  • Santa Clara


Climate in Pastaza:

Pastaza enjoys relatively warm and humid climate temperature ranging from 18 to 24° Celsius and receives an average annual rainfall of 7 meters and the highest elevation of Pastaza is 1,820 meters.


Connectivity to Pastaza:

There is a small airport in the town of Shell located around 8 km away from Puyo but not served by frequent flights, other than used during special occasions and medical emergencies.

Other nearby airports to Pastaza (Puyo) includes Edmundo Carvajal Airport and Mariscal Sucre International Airport which are situated 95 km and 250 km from Pastaza respectively.

There are regular buses running between Pastaza and its surrounding regions. Taxis and rental cars are available for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Pastaza:

The major events that take place in Pastaza include The Puyo Carnaval, the Chonta-Falm festival and the Day of the Ecuadorian East Amazon.

Shops and Restaurants are many and here is the list of major food corners in Pastaza:

  • El Pigual
  • El Fariseo
  • Boccatti
  • Chifa Terminal


Things to do in Pastaza:

  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Trekking


Tourist Attractions in Pastaza:

Pastaza River:

Pastaza River flows through many regions of Pastaza including Mera and measuring an approximate length of 710 km. Chambo, Huasaga and Bobonaza are the main tributaries of Pastaza.



Banos is a neighboring town of Pastaza situated around 60 km away from Puyo connected with paved roads. It is home to numerous natural as well as man-made attractions including Church of the Virgin of the Holy Water, Cascada de La Virgen, Ruta de las Cascadas and El Manto de la Novia. Thermal bath is very famous here.


Shell Mera:

Shell Mera is one of the towns of Pastaza province deriving its name from the Royal Dutch Shell Company. There are many churches, missionary guest houses, Saints house as well as Rio Amazonas Airport serving Pastaza.


Other places of interest near Pastaza include:

  • Zoologico Tarqui
  • Jardin Botanico las Orquideas
  • Parque Etnobotanico Omaere
  • Mariana Miller Biological Reserve
  • Parque Juan Montalvo
  • Quinta Juan León Mera
  • La Catedral
  • Laguna Kilotoa
  • Ingahurco
  • Mall de los Andes
  • Parque Cevallos
  • Parque de la Familia
  • Miraflores


Ideal time to visit Pastaza:

Throughout the year is best to visit Pastaza, especially summer months will be more supportive for outdoor activities.


Accommodation options in Pastaza:

There are many well facilitated cottages, lodges and hotels placed in Pastaza serving both locals and visitors with their grand facilities and services with lots of love and care. The prominent hotels in Pastaza are listed below:

  • Hostal Las Palmas
  • Huella Verde Rainforest Lodge
  • Delfin Rosado Hotel & Spa
  • Hosteria Flor de Canela
  • Gran Hotel Amazonico
  • Hosteria Turingia
  • Hotel Posada Real
  • El Jardin Hotel Restaurante
  • Altos del Pastaza Lodge
  • Hostal El Colibri
  • Hostal Kanoas
  • Los Copales Cabanas Lodge
  • Hosteria Gio Bambua
  • Hotel San Luis

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