Tourist Places to Visit in English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda, America

Tourist Places to Visit in English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda, America

English Harbour is a natural harbour as well as settlement located on the island of Antigua in the country of Antigua and Barbuda. It is located in the vicinity of another natural harbor of the island, Falmouth Harbour.

English Harbour is widely known for its cultural heritage site and marina, Nelson’s Dockyard which is home to many historical buildings and natural sites and venue for Antigua Sailing Week, one of the sailing and yachting events of Antigua.


Geography of English Harbour:

English Harbour is located in the extreme south of Antigua Island between 17°00′ N latitude and 61°46′ W longitude, about 17 km southeast of St. john’s, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda.


Connectivity to English Harbour:

Including English Harbour, all of the localities of Antigua Island is served by V C Bird International Airport catered by Air Canada, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines and British Airways with flights to major USA, Canada and European cities and Caribbean cities such as Kingston, Barbados and Trinidad.

VCBIA is located around 20 km away from English Harbour.

There are cars and taxis always available to reach English Harbour from the airport and taxis cost around US$20 for return trip. Cars and taxis are also available for local travel in English Harbour.


Food and Shopping in English Harbour:

English harbor is a natural site housing many traditional and modern shopping centres and also home to plenty of food corners with variety of local and international cuisine and the major food corners in English harbor are as follows:

  • Abracadabra Restaurant and Disco-Bar
  • Trappas Bar & Restaurant
  • Catherines Cafe
  • Ristorante Paparazzi
  • Hamilton’s Wine Bar and Bistro


Places of interest in English Harbour:

Nelson’s Dockyard:

Nelson’s Dockyard is the part of Nelson’s Dockyard National Park surrounded by Clarence House and Shirley Heights. This cultural heritage site and marina takes its name from Admiral Horatio Nelson, who resided here between 1784 and 1787. Nelson’s Dockyard is the site of Antigua Sailing Week and the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting, both these are sailing and yachting events of Antigua.


English Harbour:

English Harbour is a sheltered deepwater harbour and is the centre of boating, especially yachting. Tourists can reach it by taking taxi or car.


Falmouth Harbour:

Falmouth Harbour is placed in the vicinity of English Harbour. This horseshoe-shaped natural harbour is surrounded by Shekerley Mountains.


Other places of interest in English Harbour include:

  • Pot works Reservoir
  • Christian Valley Agricultural Station
  • Wallings Reservoir
  • Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation
  • Nelsons Dockyard National Park
  • Christian valley Agricultural Station
  • Jolly Harbour Marina and Boatyard
  • John’s Cathedral
  • Antigua and Barbuda Museum
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Bethesda Tamarind Tree
  • Shirley Heights


Best time to visit English Harbour:

Between May and November will be the best time to visit English Harbour while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in English Harbour:

English Harbour is one of the major localities of Antigua with numerous well facilitated hotels and resorts with world class facilities and services. It is advised for tourists to book hotel rooms in advance to get rooms as per their requirement and budget. The major hotels in English Harbour are as follows:

  • The Inn at English Harbour
  • The Admiral’s Inn
  • Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort
  • The Copper and Lumber Store Hotel
  • Blue Moon Antigua
  • Anchorage Rooms
  • Ocean Inn
  • Pineapple House Cottages & Crew House
  • The Waterfront Hostel
  • Galleon Beach Club Hotel
  • Alagana House at Falmouth
  • St James Club Resort
  • Villa 4 Mori
  • Banana Tree Bungalows
  • New Beachfront Luxury Villa
  • Galatea Galleon Beach Garden Cottage

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