Tourist Places to Visit in Iquitos, Peru, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Iquitos, Peru, America

Iquitos is the 5th largest city of Peru belongs to the Maynas province of the Loreto region (capital of both province and region) geographically positioned at 3°44′ S 73°15′ W with an elevation of 104 meters.

The city of Iquitos occupies an area of 1,213 sq. km. and is popularly called ‘the Capital of the Peruvian Amazon’ because of its position in the Peruvian rainforest. Belen Market of Iquitos is considered as the Peruvian Amazon’s largest traditional market.

History of Iquitos:

Iquitos was initially founded in the 1750 as a Jesuit mission during the Spanish colonial era. Iquitos geared up towards development when it became the capital of newly formed Loreto Region in the 1860. The rubber industry of Iquitos highly emerged in the beginning of the 20th century, as a result attracted thousands of migrants from all around the globe.


How to reach Iquitos?

Iquitos can be accessible by flight and boat only, not possible by road from the outside because of its location within the rainforest.

Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport is the airport serving Iquitos and has connection with Lima, Tarapoto, Yurimaguas, Pucallpa and Panama City, located around 9 km from the downtown Iquitos.

The airlines serve Iquitos Airport include Copa Airlines, LAN Perú, Peruvian Airlines, SkyWay and Star Perú.

Motocarro and taxis are options to get around, motocarro will be better escaping from the heat that generally costs 1.5 soles to move within the city.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Iquitos:

The culture of Iquitos is similar to other Peruvian cities specially noted for its dance and music events participated by participants from all around the country. Juane is very famous dish and another being Tacacho. Shops are plenty all around the city.


Things to do in Iquitos:

  • The Amazon Jungle Guide
  • Jangala Retreat Center
  • Otorongo Expeditions
  • Mirror of the Amazons


What to see in Iquitos?

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve:

Amidst of Ucayali, Maranón, and Amazonas rivers, Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the most wide national reserve of Peru covers an area of 20,800 km². It features many lakes, gorges, canals and a total of more than 1000 animals, bird and plant species and is open for visitors on all the days of the week.


Complejo Turístico de Quistococha,:

Located around 12 km from the main square in Iquitos, Complejo Turístico de Quistococha is a resort featuring white sandy beach, zoo with around 70 species of native and exotic animals, botanical garden and restaurants. Tourists are allowed between 8AM and 5PM from Monday to Sunday. Entrance fee is S/.3.00 Soles (adults) and S/.1.00 Soles (children), great package for whole family.


Casa de Fierro:

Casa de Fierro or The Iron House was constructed during the end of the 19th century. It is placed in front of the main square of the city home to many crafts shops and a restaurant. Gustave Eiffel was the architect of the building.


Other places of interest near Iquitos include:

  • Ex Hotel Palace
  • Amazonian Manatee Orphanage
  • Mercado Artesanal de San Juan
  • Sarita Colonia Medicinal Garden
  • Fundo Pedrito
  • Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm
  • La Isla de los Monos
  • Max Agustin Stadium
  • Tapiche Reserve
  • Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center
  • Amazon Animal Rescue Center CRA
  • Quistacocha Zoo
  • Amazon Golf Course
  • Yacu Puma Center


When to visit Iquitos?

From June to October (dry season) will be the ideal time to travel Iquitos.


Where to stay in Iquitos?

Iquitos hosts all the kinds of accommodation centres such as lodges, guest houses, camping, star hotels, BB and inns with different facilities and price condition. List of major hotels in Iquitos include:

  • La Casa Morey
  • Hotel La Casona Iquitos
  • Victoria Regia Hotel & Suites
  • Delfin Amazonico Suites
  • Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge
  • Amazon Apart Hotel
  • El Dorado Plaza Hotel & Business
  • Hostal El Colibri
  • La Casa Fitzcarraldo
  • Amazon Rainforest Lodge
  • Hotel Golden Star
  • Samiria Jungle Hotel
  • Hospedaje La Pascana
  • La Posada de Lobo Hotel & Suites
  • Hospedaje Jungla Inn
  • Rio Grande Hotel

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