Tourist Places to Visit in Trujillo, Peru, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Trujillo, Peru, America

Trujillo is one of the most important cities of Peru and the capital of both Trujillo Province and La Libertad Region and it covers an area of 1,100 sq. km. (metro). Trujillo is the 2nd most populous metropolitan city in Peru and is popularly called as ‘the cradle of Peruvian liberty and judiciary’. Chan Chan and the temples of the Sun and Moon are the internationally renowned historical sites situated in the proximity of Trujillo.


Geography of Trujillo:

Trujillo is located in the northwestern coast of Peru at 8°6′43.2″ S 79°1′43.68″ W at an elevation of 34 meters.


History of Trujillo:

Before Inca Empire, Trujillo was inhabited by famous Moche and Chimu communities. Historic Centre of Trujillo is the identity of Trujillo where the independence of Peru from Spain declared on December 29, 1820. The Revolution of Trujillo (1932) was the notable moment in the Trujillo’s history.


How to reach Trujillo?

Cap. FAP Carlos Martínez de Pinillos International Airport is serving Trujillo with daily flights to Lima, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, operated by Avianca, LAN Perú and SkyWay. It is located 15 km on the outskirts of the city.

The major bus companies provide services between Trujillo and the major cities of the country including Lima (which is 550 km away from Trujillo) are:

  • Movil Tours
  • Transportes Linea
  • Ormeño
  • Cruz del Sur

Taxi is a major option for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Trujillo:

Trujillo has a strong cultural background with many archeological sites, museums, churches and festival celebrations. The major events that take place in Trujillo includes:

  • Trujillo Spring Festival
  • International Book Festival
  • National Marinera Festival

Shoes are cheaper in Trujillo and the notable shopping centres in Trujillo are:

  • Mall Aventura Plaza
  • Real Plaza

The famous food corners in Trujillo include:

  • Rincon de Vallejo
  • Cafe Oviedo
  • Squalos
  • Demarco Restaurant


Things to do in Trujillo:

  • Museums
  • Library
  • Internet
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Trujillo:

The Historic Centre of Trujillo:

The Historic Centre of Trujillo is the identity of Trujillo covering an area of 133.5 ha with The Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, Casa del Mayorazgo or Casa Tinoco, Casa Calonge and many other colonial and historical buildings.


Chan Chan:

Chan Chan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, declared in 1986, established by the Chimu, situated north of Trujillo city. It is considered as the America’s largest Pre-Columbian city.


The Temples of the Sun and Moon:

Placed in the Moche district around 5 km from Trujillo, The Temples of the Sun and Moon are the Pre Inca period sites belonged to Mochica culture. Tourists can also visit the museum at the same site.


Other places of interest in Trujillo include:

  • Huaca Esmeralda
  • Huaca Takaynamo
  • Huaca del Dragón
  • El Brujo
  • Museo Casa de la Emancipación
  • Countryside of Moche
  • Huanchaco Beach
  • Chan Chan Museum
  • Countryside of Simbal
  • Lake Conache
  • Museo de Arte Moderno
  • Museo del Juguete
  • Museo Huacas de Moche


Ideal time to visit Trujillo:

The ending months of the year will be ideal to travel Trujillo while many grand festivals take place.


Accommodation options in Trujillo:

Trujillo is home to all the kinds of hotels ranging from budget options to star rated hotels. Mid range hotels charge around $50 per night. List of major hotels in Trujillo is as follows:

  • Hotel Costa del Sol Trujillo
  • Hotel Torre Norte
  • Portada del Sol Hotel
  • El Escudero Lodge
  • El Gran Marquez Hotel & Spa
  • Gran Bolivar Hotel
  • Hotel San Andres
  • Hotel Paraiso Trujillo
  • Saint Germain Hotel
  • Los Conquistadores Hotel
  • Hotel San Martin
  • The Rocke’s Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Boutique De Sol Y Barro
  • Media Luna Hotel
  • La Alameda del Peregrino

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