Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Trujillo, Honduras, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Trujillo, Honduras, America

Trujillo is a beach town positioned on the north part of the Caribbean Sea in Colon Department in Honduras in Central America. Trujillo is the capital city of Colon Department is one of the prosperous cities in the country and situated at the Bay of Trujillo at the backdrop of Capiro and Calentura Mountain. Trujillo is surrounded by Quebrada de Arena, Bonito Oriental, Taujica, Tocoa, Zamora, Sonaguera, Saba and Limon towns and situated at the distance of 400 kilometers from the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa and coordinates of 15.9167° N, 86.0000° W.


History of Trujillo:

In the year 1502, Christopher Columbus during the fourth and final expedition to America established the Trujillo and named the region as Punta de Caxinas and touched the Central America mainland for the first time.

In the year 1524, King of Mexico, Hernan Cortes sent Cristobal de Olid to locate a Spanish colony in the area, but he settled in the region and named the area as Triunfo de la Cruz. Later hearing that Olid has established the colony, Cortes sent Francisco de las Casas to capture the region, but was failed. Due the natural and deep harbour, Trujillo became one of the major trading centres and under the Spanish rule, Trujillo was declared as the capital of Honduras and later the capital was shifted to Comayagua and Spanish constructed the fort in the year 1550 to defend from the pirates. From the year 1633 to 1797, Trujillo was the gathering place for several pirates.

After the independence Trujillo lost its status of capital permanently and later began to prosper.


Places to Visit in Trujillo:

Rufino Galan Museum:

Rufino Galan museum is private owned museum placed in Trujillo city is interesting and most unusual with swimming pool and showcases the history and pre Columbian artifacts.


Fortaleza of Santa Barbara:

Fortaleza of Santa Barbara is the oldest fort constructed by the Spanish to protect from pirates in 19th century and one can also view the Spanish colony in the fort.


Mosquitia Trip:

Mosquitia is one of the islands in Honduras with regular ferry services to the island from Trujillo are visited by number of tourists to view the beautiful landscape and to relax.


Things to do in Trujillo:

  • William Walker Cemetery
  • Fishing Villages
  • Hot Spring
  • Water Sports
  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking

Weather in Trujillo:

The climatic condition in Trujillo is tropical climate with wet season most of the year and best time to visit Trujillo is from March to September.


How to Reach Trujillo?

By Air:

The nearest airport to Trujillo is Goloson International Airport situated at the distance of 160 kilometers and serves with domestic and international flights to cities and towns in Honduras and few parts in Central America, is one of the major airports in the country.


By Sea:

Trujillo is served by port, it is the natural and deep port in Honduras and caters with domestic and commercial ferries to various parts in Honduras and few ferries caters to neighboring counties as well.


By Road:

Trujillo is well connected through national highway to rest of the country and bus station in Trujillo provides regular bus services to various parts of Honduras.


Where to Stay in Trujillo?

Trujillo is snuggled among nature’s attractiveness offers cottages, individual, villa and luxury hotels with spacious airy rooms. Hot water, pool, A/C, TV, fan and many more services are provided in hotels in Trujillo. Hotels in Trujillo is for all the kinds of tourists visiting from all over the word which range from $ 6 to $ 100 and above per day. Some of the hotels providing good facilities in Trujillo are listed below:

  • Trujillo Beach Eco-Resort
  • Villa Vista Dorada
  • Casa Alemania
  • Tranquility Bay
  • Villa Brinkley
  • Hotel O’Glynn
  • Hotel Colonial
  • Christopher Columbus Hotel
  • La Quinta Bay
  • Emperador Hotel
  • Casa Kiwi Hotel
  • Agua Caliente
  • Catracho Hotel

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