Huaraz Tourist Places to Visit in Huaraz, Peru, America

Huaraz Tourist Places to Visit in Huaraz, Peru, America

Huaraz is the capital city of both Huaraz Province and Ancash Region in Peru located at an altitude of 3,052 meters covering an area of 370.03 sq. km. The economy of Huaraz is centered on tourism, agriculture and commercial activities. The major landmarks of Huaraz city include Amistad Garden Park, the Archaeological Museum of Ancash and the Cultural Center of Huaraz.


Geography of Huaraz:

Huaraz is geographically situated between 9°32′ S latitude and 77°32′ W longitude, around 395 km north of Lima, the capital of Peru.


History of Huaraz:

Huaraz derives its name from Quechua language word ‘Waraq’ meaning ‘sunrise’. Waraq was the name of the god of the indigenous people of this region. Huaraz city was founded on 20 January 1574 as San Sebastian de Huaraz during the Spanish colonial period.


How to reach Huaraz?

Comandante FAP Germán Arias Graziani Airport serves Huaraz with connection to Lima, operated by LC Perú and is located in Anta village, around 24 km away from the centre of Huaraz. It takes around 40 minutes to reach the city from the airport and taxis are always available at the airport for tourist convenience.

By bus, it takes around 8 hours from the Lima city to Huaraz and the major bus companies providing services between Huaraz and other major cities of the country including Lima are listed below:

  • Cruz del Sur
  • Movil Tours
  • CIAL
  • Ormeño

Taxis and rental cars are additional options for both local travel and to reach tourist destinations.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Huaraz:

Huaraz is rich in culture and tradition is home to many archeological sites as well as museums and churches.

The very popular dishes in Huaraz are Picante de Cuy, Pataska, Charqui de Chancho, Jamón Huaracino and Llunca de gallina.

Artesania Market at Plaza de Armas is a nice place to buy traditional handicrafts, bags, jewelry and souvenirs.


What to do in Huaraz?

  • The Santa Cruz Trek
  • Watch movies
  • Hot springs
  • Laguna Churup


What to see in Huaraz?


The Museo Regional de Ancash:

The Museo Regional de Ancash is home to a large collection of ancient stone sculptures as well as textiles, metal works and potteries. It is a perfect spot to learn about the culture of the different indigenous people of the Cordillera Blanca region.


The Huascarán National Park:

The Huascarán National Park is situated a few kilometers away from Huaraz city home to diverse species of plants and animals such as Jaguars, Vicunas, Peruvian Guemal, Puya Raimondi and bird species as well. This biosphere is also home to a maximum peak of Peru, Huascarán (6,768 meters).


Amistad Garden Park:

Amistad Garden Park, locally called Parque Jadium Amistad is one of the major parks of Huaraz perfect for all the age people including kids. The Landscape is eye-catching.


Other places of interest in and around Huaraz include:

  • Wari ruin of Wilcahuaín
  • Lake Churup
  • Archaeological Site of Chavin
  • La Suiza Peruana
  • Andean Summit
  • Monumento Nacional Wilcahuain Ruin
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Duck Canyon
  • Banos Termales de Monterrey
  • Peru Bergsport
  • Plaza de Belen
  • Iglesia La Soledad
  • The Archeology Museum of Ancash
  • Cataratas de Yuracyacu


When to visit Huaraz?

The months between June and December will be ideal to travel Huaraz.


Accommodation options in Huaraz:

Being one of the major tourist destinations in Peru, Huaraz hosts numerous accommodation centres ranging from budget options to star rated hotels. The prominent hotels in Huaraz with top class facilities and services are listed here below:

  • Hostal Universal Huaraz
  • Virgin del Carmen
  • Casa De Jaimes
  • Monkeywasi
  • San Sebastian Hotel
  • La Casa de Zarela
  • Hotel Galaxia
  • Caroline Lodging
  • Steel Guest House Huaraz
  • Hospedaje La Cabaña
  • El Tambo
  • Hostal Churup
  • Olaza´s Hostal
  • Alpes Huaraz

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