Places to Visit in Contadora Island, Panama, America

Places to Visit in Contadora Island, Panama, America

Contadora Island is situated in the Pearl Island in the Gulf of Panama, is renowned for tourism spots and tourists from all over the world visit the island situated nearly 33 miles from the Panama City, the capital of Panama country. Contadora Island is located north of Pearl Island. Coordinates of Contadora Island are 8.6333° N, 79.0333° W.


History of Contadora Island:

Contadora Island means “the one that counts” is the island where the Spanish counted the pearls that were produced from the neighboring islands. Pearls were produced for many years and exported to the Spain and later during the discovery of the pearls many pearl oysters were killed reducing the production of the pearls.


Places to Visit in Contadora Island:

Cacique Beach:

Cacique Beach is located at the south part of the island is one of the famed beaches on the island which offers some of the best accommodation with private coast where one can enjoy with family and friends.


Las Suecas Beach:

Las Suecas beach is an isolated and discreet beach in Contadora Island famed among the tourists. Tourists can enjoy at the beach and relax on the unspoiled and crystal clear blue water.


Other Places to visit in Contadora Island:

  • Lucas Beach
  • Caracol Beach
  • Dimaggio Beach
  • Rock Beach
  • Camaron Beach
  • Executive Beach
  • Canoe Beach
  • Suecas Beach


Things to do in Contadora Island:

  • Fishing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Aquatic Sports
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Coral Reef
  • Golf Course


Weather in Contadora Island:

Contadora Island experiences tropical climate with dry season from December to April and wet season from May to November and best time to visit Contadora Island is from December to April.


How to Reach Contadora Island?

By Air:

Contadora Airport is located less than a kilometer distance from center of island and airport operates domestic flights to Panama City regularly and thousands of tourists use this airport.


By Sea:

Contadora Island is served by domestic ferries from the mainland and from Main Island and Pearl Island frequently and best mode of transportation to reach the Contadora Island and ferries is cheap and they operate regularly.


By Road:

Island is well connected through road and scooters and bike are the major mode of transportation on the island and one can explore the island by walk as well.


Where to Stay in Contadora Island?

Contadora Island is tourism hub visited by tourists throughout the year and has lots of private homes and excellent destinations for local tourists and there are mansions, hotels and villas for the comfort of the tourists which offers world class facilities such as TV, mini bar, Spa, swimming pool, private coast and many more facilities and rooms in Contadora Island cost $ 50 to $ 300 and above per day. Some of the prominent hotels in Contadora Island are listed here below:

  • Contadora Island Inn
  • Casa del Sol Rentals
  • Perla Real
  • Villa Romantica
  • Villa Sea Star
  • Punta Galeon
  • Hotel Gerald
  • Contadora Resort
  • The Point at Contadora Las Perlas

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