Jacmel Tourist Places to Visit in Jacmel, Haiti, America

Jacmel Tourist Places to Visit in Jacmel, Haiti, America

Jacmel is located towards the southern part of Haiti on Hispaniola Island. Jacmel town is the capital of Sud-Est department and was established in the year 1698 and identified for its historical places and recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jacmel has distinct radio stations in the town and has few facilities. Jacmel is surrounded by Breman, Ca Titi, Nan Margot, Bassio, Marigot and Latanier and located at the distance of 95 kilometers from the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince and coordinates are 18.2353° N, 72.5367° W.


History of Jacmel:

Jacmel town was established in the year 1698 by Compagnie de Saint-Domingue as the part of French colonies and introduced the sugar production and trade in the town but later became the center for coffee trade. War of Knives began in the year 1799 between Toussaint Louveture and his countryman Andre Rigaud and in the year 1800 the town was captured by Toussaint Army.


Tourism in Jacmel:

Jacmel is the charming town in Haiti and town is a historical city which was ruled by French and reflects the French influence of pillars and balconies made of wrought iron. Jacmel town is same town what has been left by French with little development. Streets of Jacmel are lined with artisan workshops and Festivals and Parades are organized every year which attracts the tourists from the United States and Europe.

Things to do in Jacmel:

  • Beaches
  • Swimming
  • Aquatic Activities
  • Festivals and Events
  • Shopping


Climate in Jacmel:

Jacmel has a tropical savanna climate with dry winters and rain during the summer and average temperature varies from 18 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius throughout the year and best time to visit Jacmel is from December to March.


How to Reach Jacmel?

Port-au-Prince International Airport is the major airport in the country located at the distance of 90 kilometers from Jacmel and serves with the domestic and international flights to the United States, Europe, Canada and Caribbean countries.

Jacmel has small port which receives the ferries from distinct parts of the country and from neighboring countries too.

Jacmel is well connected by Route National no 2 and 4 from the capital city Port-au-Prince and connected by national highways from other cities and towns in the country. Buses and taxis ply from capital city of Jacmel frequently.


Where to Stay in Jacmel?

Apart from wonderful architectures and enjoyable environment Jacmel is one of the most important trading centers of Haiti. To cater to the increasing number of explorers or tourist influx and their lodging needs, standard and luxury hotels at Jacmel offer luxurious rooms with world class amenities such as gym, laundry service, cable TV, air-conditioned rooms etc., for a tariff of $ 150 to $ 300. Economy hotels in Jacmel with neat and tidy rooms are rented to tourists for $ 15 for single room and $ 50 for a double room. Hotels in Jacmel are listed here below:

  • Royal Oasis by Occidental
  • Habitation Hatt Hotel
  • Ideal Villa Hotel
  • Allamanda Bed And Breakfast
  • Coconut Villa Hotel
  • Palm Inn hotel
  • Le Plaza Hotel
  • Pacot Breeze Hotel
  • Ayiti Guest House
  • Estinfil Guesthouses
  • Paradis des Receptions
  • La Maison Hotel

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