Places to Visit in Dominican Republic, America

Places to Visit in Dominican Republic, America

Dominican Republic is a country on the Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean region. The island of Hispaniola is divided into two parts where the western part of the island is occupied by Haiti County and the eastern part of the Dominican Republic and spans a total area of 18,704 square miles (48,442 square kilometers). Dominican Republic stands in the second position in the economy in the Central America and has several commercial banks, industries, real estate, natural resources and tourism places. Capital of the country is Santo Domingo and coordinates are 19.0000° N, 70.6667° W.


History of Dominican Republic:

Dominican Republic was inhabited by Arawakan speaking Tainos populace from South America and farming, fishing and hunting was the form of living. In the year 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived on Hispaniola Island and claimed the city for Spain. Later in the year 1496 Bartholomew Columbus, Columbus brother established the city of Santo Domingo, as the population of Europeans established in the island Tainos populace decreased due the diseases spread by Europeans. Santo Domingo became the most populous city on the island during the 18th century. In the year 1844, Dominican Republic was declared independence from Haiti and Spain.


Places to Visit in Dominican Republic:

Los Haitises National Park:

The Los Haitises National Park is situated in Samana province and park is renowned as having one of the most important rain forests and mangrove reserves in the entire Caribbean, complete with keys and caves.


Colonial City:

Colonial City is the ideal starting point for sightseers to discover the Santo Domingo city and one can find first class city constructed in the New World by European settlers between Independence Park and Ozama River.


Altos de Chavon:

Altos de Chavon is situated top of the mountains where one can take pleasure in the glorious scenery of the Chavon River and the Caribbean Sea.


Barahona-Enriquillo Coastal Highway:

Barahona-Enriquillo Coast Highway is the most marvelously picturesque highway in the Caribbean, outstanding in its sights of a multi-colored sea, natural stretches of opaque forest, dazzling rivers and soaring green mountains.


Puerto Plata Lighthouse:

Puerto Plata Lighthouse was constructed in the year with a funding from the World Monuments Fund that valued this 24.4 meters high unusual shed iron tower, very few lighthouse still standing in the Americas.

Thinks to do in the Dominican Republic:

  • Columbus Water Park
  • Luperon Beach
  • Fun City Action Park
  • El Cayo Beach
  • Jaragua National Park
  • Bayahibe
  • Cigar Factory Tour
  • Amber World Museum
  • Museo del Hombre Dominicano
  • Catedral de Santiago Apostol


Climate in Dominican Republic:

A Climate of Dominican Republic can vary from lowland to high land, high land temperature is around 18° Celsius and low land temperature is around 40° Celsius during summer and during winter temperature in highland may fall to 0° Celsius and the low land temperature is around 40° Celsius.


How to Reach Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic is very well connected by air mode of transport where direct flights are available to Central American, South America, Northern America, Europe, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Mexico and other important cities in the Western Countries very frequently. Many flights take off and land from Punta Cana International Airport, Las Americas International Airport, Cibao International Airport, Samana El Catey International Airport, Gregorio Luperon International Airport and La Romana International Airport, few busiest airports situated in the Dominican Republic. Buses, taxis and cars are available from Santo Domingo city to travel nearby cities and towns located in the Dominican Republic. Cruise ships operate from the Santo Domingo city to few counties in America and Caribbean countries.


Where to Stay in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic has some of the finest in class hotels that provide outstanding lodging facilities to the tourists visiting the place throughout the year. The hotels range from small budget ones to ultra luxurious deluxe hotels offering hosts of amazing world class hospitality and amenities. A list of some of the hotels located in the Dominican Republic is:

  • Holiday Inn Santo Domingo
  • Hotel Mercure Comercial Santo Domingo
  • Hotel Frances Santo Domingo
  • Sailing House Casa de Campo
  • La Romana Suites & Residence
  • Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach
  • Royalton Punta Cana
  • Hotel Piratas del Caribe
  • Occidental Flamenco Beach
  • Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites
  • Tropical Suites Ocean Resort
  • Hotel Platino
  • Rancho Baiguate
  • Camp David Ranch Hotel Resort

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