Places to Visit in Les Cayes, Haiti, America

Places to Visit in Les Cayes, Haiti, America

Les Cayes is a town in the Sud Department in Haiti country located in the southwest of the country. Les Cayes is the capital of Sud Department situated near the Ravine du Sud River and identified for its port in the country and all the major goods like bananas, sugar, timber and coffee are exported from the port to other countries and it is the largest exporter of Vetiver.

Les Cayes is surrounded by Torbeck, Houck, Arniquet, Chantal, Grand Place, La Borde and Cavaillon and sited at the distance of 300 kilometers from the capital of Haiti Port-au-Prince. Coordinates of Les Cayes are 18.2000° N, 73.7500° W.


History of Les Cayes:

The Island of Hispaniola was inhabited by indigenous people for more over 1,000 years. Diego Velazquez a Spanish explorer established the town in the year 1504 and named the city as Salvatierra de la Sabana but the region was forsaken by the people in the year 1540. In the year 1726, French sailor Monsier de la Lance established the modern town Les Cayes but the entire town was destroyed twice due to the hurricanes in the years 1781 and 1788.


Places to visit in Les Cayes:

Gelee Beach:

Gelee Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the country due to its long chain of restaurants which dish up typical southern Haiti cuisines and for other events organized on the beach.


Botanical Garden of Les Cayes:

Botanical Garden of Les Cayes is situated in Bergeau spans an area of 8 hectares is home to some native flora and visited by number of tourists throughout the year.


Other Places to Visit in Les Cayes:

  • Ile a Vache Island
  • Saut-Mathurine Falls
  • Kounoubois Cave


Climate in Les Cayes:

Les Cayes is served by tropical savanna climate and the weather naturally varies from 15° Celsius to 38° Celsius and divided into the dry and wet season and best time to visit Les Cayes is from December to April.


How to Reach Les Cayes?

By Air:

Les Cayes is served by Antoine-Simon Airport situated at the distance of 10 kilometers from the city which caters with the domestic flights to and from Port-au-Prince daily. Port-au-Prince Airport is the main airport in the country which has direct flights to major cities in western countries.


By Sea:

Les Cayes Port is one of the important ports in the country from where some of the major goods are exported to various countries and passenger ferries are available from distinct parts of the country.


By Road:

Les Cayes is well connected through national highway and it receives public buses from different parts of the country and taxis are also available from different cities to Les Cayes.


Where to Stay in Les Cayes?

Hotels located in Les Cayes have all the modern facilities and services to provide world class staying experience for the tourists visiting the city from time to time. Hotels range from budget to 5 stars offering some of the ultra luxury amenities and hospitality. Tourists are requested to book their hotels well in advance prior to visiting the place during peak seasons. List of hotels positioned in Les Cayes is:

  • Hotel Le Manguier
  • Carribean Hotel Resort
  • Nani International Hotel
  • Hotel Concorde
  • Hotel Communal
  • Hotel Imperial
  • Hotel Metropole
  • La Cayenne Hotel
  • Dan’s Creek Hotel
  • La Source Hotel

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