Places to Visit in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, America

Places to Visit in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, America

Cabo Rojo is a municipality (town) located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States, around 170 km southwest of the territorial capital, San Juan. Joyuda Lagoon is the most famous tourist location of  Cabo Rojo.


Geography of Cabo Rojo:

Cabo Rojo coordinates with 18°05′12″ N latitude and 67°08′45″ W longitude and covers a total area of 459.5 sq. km. It is bordered with San German in the east, Mayaguez in the north and Mona Passage towards west.


History of Cabo Rojo:

The literal meaning of Cabo Rojo in English is Red Cape. It is believed that, Cabo Rojo gets the name from reddish color salt-flats and reddish tint. Cabo Rojo was inhabited by the Spanish in 1511 and was founded as a town by Nicolas Ramirez on December 17, 1771.


How to reach Cabo Rojo?

Boqueron Airport is within the municipality of Cabo Rojo but it operates fewer flights, so the nearest major airport to Cabo Rojo is Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport located 22 km away from the downtown Cabo Rojo and operates flights from and to capital city San Juan.

There are regular buses plying between Cabo Rojo and nearby Mayaguez and San German. Taxis and rental cars are other modes of transportation accessible.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Cabo Rojo:

Cabo Rojo is known for festival celebrations taking place throughout the year and the list of major festivals include:

  • Anos Cuarenta Festival (April)
  • Pescao Festival (March)
  • Oyster Festival (May)
  • Watermelon Festival (July)

Cabo Rojo is packed with latest cosmetic product and perfume shops and the famous restaurants in Cabo Rojo are:

  • Vaiven Tasca en el Mar
  • Brasas Steakhouse y Pasta
  • La Luna Lyn Restaurant
  • Restaurant Brisas Del Mar


Things to do in Cabo Rojo:

  • Snorkeling
  • Bird watching
  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Festival celebrations


Tourist Attractions in Cabo Rojo:

 San Miguel Arcángel Church:

The San Miguel Arcangel Church is the historical identity of Cabo Rojo, opened in 1783. Los Morrillos Lighthouse was established in (1881) next to the church which is a very famous attraction in Cabo Rojo. Tourists can take help of guided tours conducted by visitor center (near lighthouse).


Laguna Joyuda:

Laguna Joyuda is one of two natural reservoirs in Puerto Rico housing a wide range of fish species. It is an ideal spot for fishing.


Isla de Ratones:

Isla de Ratones is a small and a striking island is placed in the proximity of Joyuda Lagoon. Mangrove habitat and artificial reef are notable things on the island. It is a heaven of snorkels.


Other places of interest in Cabo Rojo include:

  • Cofresi Cave
  • Boqueron Beach
  • El Combate Beach
  • Club Deportivo del Oeste
  • Nautical Club
  • Punta Real Beach
  • Buye Beach
  • La Playuela in Los Morrillos
  • Coliseo Rebekah Colberg
  • Ramon Emeterio Betances Monument

Best time to visit Cabo Rojo:

Probably the ending and beginning months of the year will be the most ideal time to explore the beaches of Cabo Rojo.


Accommodation options in Cabo Rojo:

Cabo Rojo houses all the sorts of accommodation centers and major facilities available in star hotels are spas, massage center, free Wi-Fi, bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs and doctor on call. List of famed hotels in Cabo Rojo includes:

  • Western Bay Boqueron Beach Hotel
  • Parador Perichi’s
  • Parador Combate Beach
  • Combate Guest House
  • Tony’s Restaurant & Hotel
  • Cuestamar Hotel
  • Parador Boquemar
  • Parador Joyuda Beach
  • Costa de Oro Inn
  • Villa Vista Puerto
  • Mojacasabe Vocational Center
  • Wildflowers Guest House
  • Bahia Salinas Beach Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Best View Bahia del Sol
  • Best View Joyuda Plaza Hotel

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