Tortola Tourist Places to Visit in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, America

Tortola Tourist Places to Visit in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, America

Tortola is the largest island of British Virgin Islands, a special collectivity of British Overseas Territory. It is home to the capital city of BVI, Road Town and it houses the higher majority of the population of BVI. Tortola is a tourist paradise featuring beautiful beaches, botanical gardens and museums.


Geography of Tortola:

Tortola measures a length of 19 km and width of 5 km, covering an area of 55.7 sq. km. It is located at 18°25′ N 64°35′ W at a maximum latitude of 530 meters.


History of Tortola:

Tortola was called by different names by many explorers in the past, as of native’s information, Tortola was named by Christopher Columbus and its literal meaning is ‘Land of the Turtle Dove’. It was called by Santa Ana by Columbus, Ter Tholen by Dutch and finally the name ‘Tortola’ was fixed by British.


How to reach Tortola?

Tortola is served by Terrence B. Lettsome Airport which is located in neighboring Beef Island, around 13 km away. Some air operators serving airport include BVI Airways, Cape Air, Air Sunshine and Seaborne Airlines.

Tortola is also well connected with nearby islands with regular ferry services operated by Tortola Ferry.

There are taxis, cars and buses always ready to serve tourists in Tortola and the major taxi providers include:

  • BVI Taxi Association
  • Elroy’s Pleasure Tours
  • Karl Scatliffe
  • Road Town Taxi Association


Culture, Food and Shopping in Tortola:

Tortola is one of the well cultured islands in Virgin Islands group housing many educational institutions and cultural centres all around.

The prominent food corners in Tortola include:

  • Village Cay Marina
  • Le Cabanon
  • Brandywine Bay Restaurant
  • 15 Abbott Lane

Tortola houses all the kinds of shops including handicrafts, fashion, clothes, jewelry and electronic. Entertainment centres are also found in Tortola.


Things to do in Tortola:

  • Sailing
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Gite boarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Historic sites
  • Hiking


Places of interest in Tortola:

Cane Garden Bay:

Cane Garden Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches of Tortola. It offers great surfing and boat riding activity and there are many restaurants, a bar, two vendors and a supermarket at the periphery of the beach.


Josiah’s Bay Beach:

Josiah’s Bay Beach is located on the northern shore of Tortola offering outstanding surfing experience. Winter months are ideal to visit marvelous Josiah’s Bay Beach.


St. Philips Church Ruins:

St Philips Church Ruins is the 19th century church which was built in the year 1833. It was also calledas Church at Kingstown and now tourists can see the only ruins and remains of church here.


Other places of interest in Tortola include:

  • R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens
  • Main Street
  • Sage Mountain National Park
  • Cane Garden Bay Beach
  • Chikuzen Shipwreck
  • Beef Island International Airport
  • Smuggler’s Cove Beach
  • Mount Healthy National Park
  • Maya Cove Anchorage
  • Josiah’s Bay Plantation
  • East End


Best time to visit Tortola:

From January to April will be the ideal time to travel Tortola.


Accommodation options in Tortola:

Tortola is the most populated island of BVI and it also receives a large number of overseas tourists throughout the year for its marvelous tourists destinations, due to this there are plenty of resorts, hotels and lodges located all around the island with amazing facilities and services like spa, golf, recreation centre, doctor on call and airport shuttle and much more. List of major hotels in Tortola include:

  • Frenchmans
  • Sugar Mill Hotel
  • Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina
  • Maria’s by the Sea
  • Rhymers Beach Hotel
  • The Tamarind Club
  • Nanny Cay Marina & Hotel
  • Fort Burt Hotel
  • Moorings Mariner Inn Hotel
  • Sea View Hotel
  • Elm Beach Suites
  • Village Cay Hotel
  • Lambert Beach Resort
  • The Heritage Inn
  • Sebastian’s on the Beach
  • Icis Villas

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