Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Oxford, United States, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Oxford, United States, America

Oxford is located in Mississippi State in the United States and the county seat of Lafayette County. Oxford city was established in the year 1837 and named after the British University city of Oxford. Oxford has a total area of 25.8 square kilometers (10.0 square miles) and situated at an elevation of 154 meters (505 feet) above the sea level. Economy of Oxford depends on the tourism and educational institutions situated in the city and the University of Mississippi is one of the major universities in the United States which was established in the year 1848. Oxford is situated at the distance of 173 meters from the capital of Mississippi, Jackson and coordinates are 34.3597° N, 89.5261° W.


History of Oxford:

The city of Oxford was established in the year 1837 by three people John Martin, John Chisom, and John Craig and named Oxford to promote it as the center of learning in Old Southwest and in the year 1848, legislature of Mississippi gave the permission to establish the state university in the city. University of Mississippi gained the national attention in the year 1962, during the Civil Rights Movement, the officials of the university challenged by James Meredith, an African American from joining the University and Meredith finally admitted to the University in the year 1962 and later many monuments were created in the honor of Meredith in the University.


Places to Visit in Oxford:

The Historic Oxford Courthouse:

The Historic Oxford Courthouse is a historical site which was destroyed by the federal troops in the year 1864 and was renovated after the war is one of the prominent historical places in the city.


University Museum:

University Museum is located in 5th, University Avenue in Oxford and exhibits the Greek and Roman antiques and 19th century systematic instruments and other temporary exhibits.


Ventress Hall:

Ventress Hall was constructed in the 19th century, it was used as a library and at present it is a part of College of Liberal Arts and inside the hall one can find the large stained glass window described a battle scene from the war.


Rowan Oak:

Rowan Oak is located in the Old Taylor Road and a historic home of the noble prize winner author William Faulkner and $5 is the admission fee and donation is accepted.


Other Places to Visit in Oxford:

  • Oxford Cemetery
  • The Grove
  • Southside Gallery
  • Ole Miss Blues Archives
  • The Lyceum
  • Barnard Observatory
  • The Thacker Mountain Radio Show
  • University Golf Club
  • John W. Kyle State Park
  • Wall Doxey State Park
  • Puskus Lake Recreation Area
  • Sardis Lake/Clear Creek


Best time to Visit Oxford:

Oxford faces a warm humid climate with hot and humid summer and chilled winter and average temperature varies from -1° C to 32° C and best time to visit Oxford is from May to September.


How to Reach Oxford?

Oxford is well connected by roadways, railways and airways quite effectively. Many highways and expressways link Oxford to other major cities in Mississippi. Oxford is also nicely networked by railways operated by Amtrak connecting Oxford with major cities in the country. The nearest major airport is the Memphis International Airport located about 70 miles from Oxford which has direct air links to many countries across the globe.


Where to Stay in Oxford?

Oxford being one of the main tourist destinations in Mississippi has lot to offer for the tourists visiting the place throughout the year and provides a glimpse of a number of the best monuments, beaches and parks located in Oxford. Tourists can choose a hotel of their choice based on their budget, needs and requirements. Tourists can take lodging for short term stay as well as long term stay in such hotels. They can also book the hotels well in advance prior to visiting the city through online bookings. List of some of the hotels situated in Oxford are:

  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Oxford
  • Hampton Inn Oxford-West
  • Hampton Inn Oxford Conference Center
  • Downtown Oxford Inn
  • Comfort Inn
  • Blue Creek Cabin
  • The Nest Egg Guest Cottage
  • The Barn Loft at Willowdale Farm
  • Hotel Puddin Place
  • Oliver-Britt House Inn and Tea Room
  • Motel Oxford Days Inn
  • Hotel Colonel’s Quarters

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