Arequipa Tourist Places to Visit in Arequipa, Peru, America

Arequipa Tourist Places to Visit in Arequipa, Peru, America

Arequipa is the capital city of Arequipa province as well as the 2nd most populous city in Peru. It is a commercial hub of Peru with a large group of manufacturing industries. Apart from the industries, Arequipa is also very popular for religious and colonial sites that draw both tourists and devotees from all around the globe.


Geography of Arequipa:

Arequipa coordinates with 16°23′55.76″ S latitude and 71°32′12.79″ W longitude and the city covers an area of 9,862.02 sq. km positioned at an average elevation of 2,335 meters.


History of Arequipa:

Arequipa city was formed on the 15th of August, 1540 by Garcí Manuel de Carbajal. 332 hectares historic center of Arequipa was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site list.


How to reach Arequipa?

The Rodríguez Ballón International Airport is serving Arequipa situated 8 km away from the downtown Arequipa with scheduled flights to Lima, Tacna, Cuzco, Juliaca, La Paz and Arica, Iquique, Santiago de Chile and many other domestic and international locations.

Public transportation is not available from airport to city centres but taxis are available, charging S/25 per person.

Terminal Terrestre and Terminal Terrapuerto are the two major bus terminals of Arequipa, served by both luxury and general buses. Buses are regular.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Arequipa:

Arequipa is home to plenty of eminent colonial buildings, museums and cultural centres all around the city and the major museums are UCSM Archaeological Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and Archaeological Museum José María Morante.

Shops are many and the major food corners in Arequipa are as follows:

  • Picanteria La Lucila
  • Tacos y Tequilas
  • Picanteria La Capitana
  • Lakshmivan Vegetarian Food
  • Nitay Gouranga Vegetarian Restaurant


Things to do in Arequipa:

  • Cooking lessons – Peruvian Cooking Experience
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Volcano climbs
  • Spanish School Arequipa


Tourist Attractions in Arequipa:


Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa:

Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa is the identity of Arequipa situated in the Plaza de Armas. Garcí Manuel de Carbajal was the founder of the church, founded on August 15, 1540. Must watch, don’t miss it.


Historic Centre parks:

The historical centre of Arequipa houses plenty of well maintained parks such as Biela Park, Martinetty Park, Melgar Park, Salta Park, Juan Manuel Polar Oval and Duhamel Park.


Convento de Santa Catalina:

Convento de Santa Catalina is the most visited historical building of Arequipa situated in the vicinity of Plaza de Armas. It was initially constructed in 1579 and was rebuilt in the 17th century with different specialties.


Other places of interest near Arequipa include:

  • San Camilo Market
  • Museo Santuarios Andinos
  • Convento de Santa Teresa
  • Puente Bolognesi
  • Puente Fierro
  • Molino de Sabandía
  • Mansión del Fundador
  • Casa del Alferez Flowers
  • Bronze Tambo
  • House of Pastor
  • Forest Selva Alegre
  • Benigno Park Ballón Farfán
  • Selva Alegre Playground
  • Oval Miguel Grau
  • Fundo Paradise


Best time to visit Arequipa:

From July to September will be the ideal time to visit the historical sites of Arequipa.


Accommodation options in Arequipa:

Arequipa is a colorful city home to abundance of budget, mid range and luxury hotels with tourist favor facilities. Most of the major hotels offer advance booking facility for tourist convenience, here is the list of the prominent hotels in Arequipa:

  • Posada del Parque
  • Casablanca Hotel
  • Pirwa Park Hostel Arequipa
  • Buena Vista Hostal
  • La Casa de Los Pinguinos
  • Bothy Hostel
  • Colonial House Inn
  • Hotel Viza
  • La Casa de Los Pinguinos
  • La Casa de Melgar Arequipa
  • Los Tambos
  • Fundador Hotel
  • Hotel Queens Villa
  • Alwa Hotel
  • Hotel Asturias
  • El Balcón

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