Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Concon, Chile, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Concon, Chile, America

Concon is a city and commune in the province and region of Valparaíso in Chile situated 27 meters above sea level. It is one of the eminent tourist locations of Chile with many spectacular beaches, resorts, spas and casinos.


Geography of Concon:

Concon is situated on the Pacific coast surrounded by Reñaca in the south and Quintero towards north. It coordinates with 32°55′ south latitude and 71°31′ west longitude and occupies an area of 76 sq. km.


History of Concon:

Concon was first sighted in the year 1541 by Pedro de Valdivia. It achieved the status of municipality in 1899 but in 1927, it became the part of the Viña del Mar municipality later gained municipal status on 28 December 1995.


How to reach Concon?

Concon is situated around 22 km northeast of Valparaiso (provincial capital) and 140 km northwest of Santiago (national capital). It takes around 2 hours from Santiago to Concon, catered by many private bus companies including Daily Tur Bus, Condor Bus and Pullman Bus. Condor Bus goes directly to Concon and remaining buses goes to Vina del Mar, from there, tourists can take bus or collective to reach Concon.

The major routes that help tourists to reach Concon and its neighboring areas from Santiago are Route 68, Route 5 and Route 60.

Vina del Mar Airport is the nearest airport to Concon located at a distance of 7 km from the centre of Concon town.


Food and Shopping in Concon:

There are plenty of restaurants and shops in Concon offering variety of traditional Chilean cuisines and handicraft products at affordable prices. Major shops and restaurants accept cards.

The famous restaurants in Concon are as follows:

  • Restaurant Albatros
  • Restaurant Nanchos Empanadas
  • Restaurant Club Costa
  • Restaurant Bellamar
  • Gigi Restaurant


Things to do in Concon:

  • Swimming
  • Leasing of Horses
  • Kaysuf Higuerillas
  • Fundo Colmito Educational Farm
  • Ritoque Expeditions


Places of interest in Concon:

Dune Field Nature Sanctuary:

Dune Field Nature Sanctuary is a typical natural site which defends unique ecosystem and geo system of Concon including 200 species of wildlife.


Island Park Aconcagua River mouth:

Island Park was established with the joint venture of the Municipality of Concon and ENAP with an area of 13 acres. It is home to around 70 species of migratory and native birds as well as plants of cattails and lily. Migratory birds come from the countries of USA and Canada during spring season.


Higuerillas Yacht Club:

Higuerillas Yacht Club is a nonprofit corporation which was inaugurated in the year 1955. It houses a restaurant and offers different water sports including traditional nautical races.


Other places of interest near Concon include:

  • Rock Oceanic Nature Sanctuary
  • Rock Oceanic Artisan Caleta de Pescadores San Pedro
  • Playa La Boca
  • Playa Higuerillas
  • Playa Negra
  • Amarilla Beach
  • Playa The Lilenes
  • Playa Bahamas
  • Playa Black
  • Artisan Caleta de Pescadores Higuerillas
  • 1891 Battle Memorial Monolith
  • Playa Yellow


Best time to visit Concon:

Probably summer months will be ideal to enjoy the beauty of Concon beaches.


Accommodation options in Concon:

Concon is a beach town renowned for its world class hotels, resorts and nightlife. Here is the list of the best hotels, resorts and clubs in Concon:

  • Radisson Acqua Hotel & Spa Concon
  • Casadoca Hotel Boutique
  • Thalassus
  • Alto Mantagua Resort & Club
  • Espacio Mantagua
  • Apart Hotel Duna del Mar
  • Resort Playa Paraiso
  • Hippocampus Resort & Club
  • Apart Hotel Blumen Platz
  • Cabanas Alicia
  • Palos Bed & Breakfast
  • Cabanas Pacifico
  • Riomar Apart Hotel
  • Linda Vista Apart Hotel
  • Hostal Casa Rosada

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