Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Renaca, Chile, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Renaca, Chile, America

Renaca is a beach site belonging to Viña del Mar city of Valparaíso province and region in Chile. It is situated towards the far north of the Viña del Mar city between latitude 32°58′ in the south and longitude 71°33′ in the west, surrounded by the towns of Cochoa and Concon in the north.

Renaca is one of the popular beach destinations in Chile with many renowned spas, attracting a large number of vacationers during the summer months from December to February.

Renaca is also renowned for the presence of the 1st British school in Chile, The Mackay School which is one of the oldest schools in the Southern Hemisphere. Apart from The Mackay School, Renaca is also home to the Sagrado Corazon School and the campus of the Universidad del Mar.


How to reach Renaca?

Renaca is situated around 15 km away from its closest airport, Viña del Mar Airport with connections to domestic locations. During peak tourist season, there are many charter flights available to serve the Viña del Mar Airport with connections to and from different regions of the country.

It takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Renaca from the capital of Chile, Santiago which is about 135 km away from Renaca. Taxibus and collectivos are helpful to get around.

The major bus operators serving between Renaca and Santiago include:

  • Daily Tur Bus
  • Condor Bus
  • Pullman Bus


Food and Shopping in Renaca:

Mall Marina Arauco is a huge shopping mall near Renaca and other shopping option is Muelle Vergara which offers variety of souvenirs.

List of the main restaurants in and around Renaca is:

  • Sushi Home Beach
  • Pizzeria Siroco
  • Siete Mares


Things to do in Renaca:

  • Nightlife activities
  • Swimming
  • Enjoy festival celebration


Places of interest in Renaca:

Renaca Beach:

Renaca is an excellent beach offering different water sport activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking and boat riding. It is served by many beach restaurants with mouth-watering seafood and international cuisine. Ideal time to visit Reneca beach is from December to March.


La Quinta Vergara:
La Quinta Vergara is a striking garden with different indigenous plants as well as trees from China and Canada. It is also the site of popular Festival de Viña celebrated during the last week of February annually.


Fonck Museum:

Fonck Museum is an archeological museum and it also describes the history of different regions of Chile. It was founded in 1937 and is open from 10:00 – 18:00; entrance fee is $ 2.000 CLP for adults and $ 300 CLP for children.


Other places of interest near Renaca include:

  • Museo Artequin en Viña del Mar
  • Castillo Wulf
  • Parque Reloj de Flores
  • Jardin Botanico Nacional
  • Palacio Rioja
  • Quinta Vergara
  • Flower Clock
  • Avenida Peru
  • Vina del Mar Casino
  • Wulff Castle
  • Palacio Presidencial
  • Playa Luna
  • Caleta Higuerilla
  • Sausalito Lagoon
  • Muelle Vergara
  • Rock House

Best time to visit Renaca:

The best time to enjoy the beauty of Renaca beach is from December to February (Summer season).


Accommodation options in Renaca:

There are numerous world class hotels and resorts surround Renaca with superior upgraded amenities. Here is the list of the prominent hotels in and around Renaca:

  • Posada BellaMare
  • Sheraton Miramar Hotel & Convention Center
  • Departamentos Club Roca Blanca
  • Hotel San Martin
  • Conference Town Hotel
  • Hotel Monterilla
  • Hotel Restaurant Cap Ducal
  • BEST WESTERN Marina Del Rey
  • Bahia Bonita Apart Hotel
  • Mantagua Hotel & Village
  • Hotel Tres Poniente
  • Neruda Mar Suite Hotel
  • Dei Templi Apart Hotel
  • Gala Hotel & Centro de Eventos
  • Hotel Alcazar Vina Del Mar


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