Places to Visit in South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, America

Places to Visit in South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, America

South Caicos is one of the islands belonging to Turks and Caicos Islands archipelago, an overseas territory of the British. With a land area of 21.2 sq. km, South Caicos is the 7th largest island in T and C archipelago.

Cockburn Harbour is the major settlement on the island in terms of population and other settlements are The Flat, Highlands and Out North. The economy of South Caicos is centered on small scale fishing and flourishing tourism.


Geography of South Caicos:

South Caicos is situated between latitude 21°30′34″ in the north and longitude 71°31′04″ in the west.


History of South Caicos:

South Caicos was earlier known for salt production and still houses many well preserved ancient salt plants. Some historical identities of South Caicos are Wesleyan Church, Queen’s Parade Grounds and Commissioner’s House dating back to the 18th century.


Connectivity to South Caicos:

South Caicos Airport receives scheduled flights from Grand Turk and Providenciales airports, served by Air Turks and Caicos. It costs $85 (round trip) Grand Turk and $116 (round trip) to Providenciales.

Caribbean Cruisin is a well known ferry operator in T and C islands that offers services between Providenciales and South Caicos weekly two times and it takes 90 minutes.

The major bicycle rental is Cham-B Bicycle Rentals which is at Cham-B Groceries. Seaview Rentals is another bicycle rental, placed near Seaview Supermarket.The major gas stations of South Caicos include Goldman’s Petrol and Seaview Marina.


Food and Shopping in South Caicos:

The main food corners in South Caicos are:

  • Sunset Café & Bar
  • Ocean & Beach Resort Restaurant
  • Muriel’s Restaurant

List of well known shops in South Caicos includes:

  • Seaview Supermarket
  • Super Value Supermarket
  • Wilson’s Variety Store
  • Cham-B Wholesale


Things to do in South Caicos:

  • Scuba diving
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking


Places of interest in South Caicos:

Long Beach:

Long Beach is a prime beach on South Caicos situated on the eastern coast of the island. This 2 km long beach offers great swimming, walking and beach-combing activities.


Plandon Cay Cut Beach:

Situated on the northern end of South Caicos, Plandon Cay Cut Beach is a spectacular beach offering top landscape views. Light turquoise water of the sea really impresses tourists. Tourists may get little difficult to access this stunning beach.


District Commissioners House:

The district Commissioners house was constructed during the 18th century but presently it is not used for any official purpose. The structure still looks strong.


Other places of interest in South Caicos:

  • East Bay
  • Bell Sound
  • Shark Bay
  • Valley Bay Beach
  • Highlands Bay
  • Caicos seafood processing plant
  • Salt Ponds
  • Queen’s Parade Grounds
  • old Wesleyan Church
  • Boiling Hole
  • South Caicos Light House


Best time to visit South Caicos:

South Caicos is renowned for its beaches, on this point, from December to April will be ideal time to visit South Caicos for beach exploration.


Accommodation options in South Caicos:

South Caicos is home to only one hotel at present (Ocean & Beach Resort) and another is under construction (Caicos Beach Club Resort and Marina). The best accommodation centers in South Caicos and neighboring North Caicos and Middle Caicos are listed below:

  • Ocean & Beach Resort
  • Mary’s Bed & Breakfast
  • Cedar Palm Beach Suites
  • Blue Horizon Resort
  • Arthur’s Guest House
  • Whitby Plaza Suites
  • Villa Datai
  • Whitby Beach Villa
  • Villa Cecilia
  • Bottle Creek Lodge
  • Pelican Beach Hotel
  • Villa Palmetto
  • Hollywood Beach Suites
  • Bambarra Sands Villa
  • Whitby White House
  • Eagles Rest Villas
  • Flamingo’s Nest

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