Tela Tourist Places to Visit in Tela, Honduras, America

Tela Tourist Places to Visit in Tela, Honduras, America

Tela is situated towards the north part of the Caribbean Sea in Honduras country, in the Atlantida Department. Downtown is the major town in the Tela which has all the major commercial and retail shops, schools, healthcare facilities and busiest town in Tela. Tela is surrounded by Puerto Cortes, Baracoa, La Ensenada, Arizona, San Juna Pueblo, Tomabe and San Juna and Tela situated at the distance of 300 kilometers from the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Coordinates of Tela are 15.7833° N, 87.4500° W.


History of Tela:

In the year 1524, Cristobal de Olid from Spain was the first to discover the region and named the town as Triunfo de la Cruz, due to the availability of clean water, food and medicinal plants. In the year 1797, garifuna group of people were sent away from St Vincent to Roatan and later in the year 1808, they settled in Tela and established their own community. During the 20th century, the town grew and cultivation and banana production was the main form of living in the town and in the year 1914, it became the major port and the head office of Tela Railroad Company. Banana industry was ruined due the floods in the year 1930 and later gradually recovered.


Places to Visit in Tela:

Museo Garifuna:

Museo Garifuna is situated at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the town and one can view the Garifuna culture in the museum and the museum is open from Monday to Friday.


Pier and Train Station:

Pier and Train Station is the oldest station used for shipping the bananas for the United Fruit Company and later was abandoned and one can visit the station and surrounding area is best suited from photography.


Other Places to visit in Tela:

  • Triunfo de la Cruz
  • Lancetilla
  • Maya Vista Hotel
  • Parque Nacional Punta Sal

 Weather in Tela:

Tela is experiences tropical rainforest climate with no dry season and average temperature range from 31 °C to 21 °C and best time to visit Tela is from March to May.


How to Reach Tela?

By Air:

Tela Airport is located at the distance of 5 kilometers from middle of the city and handles with domestic flights in the country and from airport, one can avail the taxi and bus services to various destinations.


By Road:

Tela has well organized road system and well connected to various places in Honduras and there are bus terminals in the town which ply public buses frequently and other major transportation mode accessible in Tela are bus, taxi and bike.


Where to Stay in Tela?

Tela has some of the best hotels in town providing exceptional lodging amenities to the tourists visiting the city from time to time and hotels are situated close to downtown where one can admire colonial style architecture and shopping malls and other entertainment facilities are located near the hotels. Hotels offer various world class facilities like breakfast, spa, sauna, 24 hrs help desk, airport shuttle, free internet connection etc. They also serve superb cuisines to the visitors known for their taste and aroma. List of hotels located in Tela are:

  • Caribbean Coral Inn
  • Grissy’s Hotel
  • La Ensenada Beach Resort
  • Hotel Presidente
  • Sherwood Hotel
  • Hotel Marsol
  • Villas Telamar

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