Tourist Places to Visit in North Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, America

Tourist Places to Visit in North Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, America

North Caicos is the 2nd largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands geographically positioned at 21°53′29″ N 71°56′46″ W. It is situated around 12 miles away from the largest city on Turks and Caicos Islands, Providenciales. North Caicos is famous for spectacular white sand beaches and plantation ruins which draw tourists from all around the globe, especially from North American and European countries.


Geography of North Caicos:

North Caicos is placed in the east of Caicos Cays and in the west of Middle Caicos. The district of North Caicos comprises of Parrot Cay, Bay Cay and few other uninhabited cays with a total area of 144.9 km². The settlements found in North Caicos are Bottle Creek, Whitby, Kew and Sandy Point.


How to reach North Caicos?

North Caicos is accessible with an airport which receives uneven flights from Providenciales Airport and operates charter flights during special occasions and events. It takes about 10-15 minutes from Providenciales Airport to North Caicos Airport.

Providenciales is situated 12 miles away from Providenciales and there are daily ferries running between these two islands.

North Caicos is connected with Middle Caicos through one mile causeway. The major car rentals offer services in North Caicos are:

  • Easy Car Rental
  • Gardiner’s Car Rental
  • Al’s Rent A Car
  • Silver A La Car Rental


Food and shopping in North Caicos:

Most of the hotels in North Caicos have their own restaurants and also tourists can find independent restaurants for fresh seafood dishes. A list of prominent restaurants in North Caicos includes:

  • Miss B’s Island Restaurant
  • Higg’s Café
  • Frank’s Café
  • Silver Palm Restaurant and Bar
  • Pelican Beach Hotel Restaurant

Tourists can refer following shops for special shopping:

  • Victoria Gift Shop
  • Everal’s Variety Store
  • Al’s Grocery
  • Tee’s Grocery
  • KJ’s Grocery


Things to do in North Caicos:

  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Bird Watching


Places of interest in North Caicos:


Whitby Beach:

Whitby Beach is famous for different water sport activities, especially for swimming because the beach doesn’t have the rocks. There are many modernized hotels and villas on the beach.


Wade’s Green Plantation:

Wade’s Green Plantation is very popular and well protected historical plantation in Turks and Caicos, located near Kew village. It was constructed by Wade Stubbs who built it as a cotton and sisal plantation in 1789.


Cottage Pond:

Cottage Pond is a stunning 150 foot diameter freshwater pond, discovered in 2001 by divers. This excellent bird watching spot lies near Sandy Point Road. Tourists can explore it through guided tours.


Other places of interest in and around North Caicos include:

  • Readymoney Garden
  • Government Farm
  • Flamingo Pond Overlook
  • Three Marys Cays
  • Horsestable Beach
  • Pumpkin Bluff
  • Sandy Point
  • Mudjin Harbour
  • Crossing Place Trail
  • Conch Bar Caves
  • Haulover Plantation
  • Indian Cave


Best time to visit North Caicos:

Generally the months of dry season will be best time to visit the beautiful North Caicos Island.


Accommodation options in North Caicos:

North Caicos boasts all kinds of accommodation centres ranging from budget options to high end hotels. Advance booking is offered through telephone or email and tourists are needed to pay 25% in advance prior to arrival. Most of North Caicos’s villas and hotels are located in the village of Whitby. List of major villas and hotels in North Caicos is:

  • La Villa Rose
  • Laughland Villa
  • Ocean Breeze Villa
  • Pelican Beach Villa
  • Pelican Beach Hotel
  • Belle Roche
  • Bottle Creek Lodge
  • Caicos Beach Condominiums
  • Hollywood Beach Suites
  • Flamingo’s Nest
  • Whitby White House
  • Villa Palmetto
  • Villa Datai
  • Whitby Beach Villa
  • Whitby Plaza Suites

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