Tourist Places to Visit in Miquelon, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Miquelon, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, America

Miquelon is an island in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas collectivity of France. Together with Langlade Island and Le Cap, Miquelon forms Miquelon-Langlade commune and the seat of the commune is Miquelon village which is located at the north end of the island and is home to Miquelon Airport and The Centre Medical de Miquelon.

Grand Baracho is the large lagoon of Miquelon Island housing a population of seals and other mammals. Miquelon Island is widely known for bird watching sites.


Geography of Miquelon:

Miquelon is located between 47°3′ N latitude and 56°20′ W longitude.


Etymology of Miquelon:

The name of Miquelon was derived from Basque language term, and its meaning is ‘Michael’. Its name was several times changed as Miclon, Micklon and finally fixed as ‘Miquelon’.


How to reach Miquelon?

Miquelon Airport is a small airport connected only with neighboring Saint-Pierre and Montreal in Canada, is located in the vicinity of Miquelon settlement. It is served by Air Saint-Pierre.

Miquelon can be reached through seaway by boats and boats are not regular, so it is advised for tourists to enquire at Saint-Pierre travel office or any shops for more information.

There are always cars and scooters available for rent for local travel on day or hour basis at the local travel offices.


Food and Shopping in Miquelon:

Basque and Acadian ancestry dominates the population of Miquelon and most of the natives are seafood lovers and some staple food used to prepare usual diet include lobster, snow crab, cod, and mussels.

There are shops limited but food corners are plenty and Restaurant Brian and Brasserie Michael offers traditional cuisine and variety of seafood and snacks and Snack Bar a Choix is famous for roasted chicken, baked apple crepe and both are closed on Mondays, located in Miquelon and Chez Janot is situated in the neighboring Langlade.


Things to do in Miquelon:

  • Rent a bike or car
  • Shopping
  • Visit port


Places of interest in Miquelon:

Miquelon port:

Miquelon is the sea transportation gateway as well as prime tourist attraction of Miquelon. It is always crowded by both natives and tourists. It is best to visit at evening time.


Miquelon Airport:

Miquelon Airport is small but nicely constructed featuring check-in counters, fire fighting station and control tower. It is located at the edge of Miquelon village and it regularly receives flights from neighboring Saint-Pierre and Montreal of Canada.



Langlade also called Petite Miquelon is an island and popular vacation spot and it can be reachable by boats from Miquelon harbor.


Other places of interest in Miquelon are:

  • Les Salines Fishing Stations
  • Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse
  • Musee de l’Arche
  • Saint-Pierre Post Office
  • Musee Archipelitude
  • Musee Heritage
  • Musee de la Prohibition
  • Saint-Pierre Cemetery
  • Pointe aux Cannon Battery


Best time to visit Miquelon:

Throughout the year is best, especially the months of summer season will be ideal to visit Miquelon.


Accommodation options in Miquelon:

Miquelon houses many ultra luxury hotels providing top class accommodation facilities for tourists visiting the place throughout the year. The tariffs and rates differ from hotel to hotel that depend on what facilities and services that provided by hotels. Advance booking is offered and that will be better to find hotel room as per the guest requirement and budget. The prominent hotels in Miquelon and neighboring Saint Pierre are as follows:

  • Hotel L’Escale
  • Maxotel
  • Chez Marlene
  • L’Auberge Saint-Pierre
  • Motel de Miquelon
  • Nuits Saint-Pierre
  • Auberge Quatre Temps
  • Bernard Dodeman B&B
  • Chez Helene B&B
  • Residence les Iris
  • Auberge del L’Archipel
  • La Lanterne B&B
  • Le Paris Madrid
  • Roland Vigneau B&B
  • Hotel Ile de France
  • Hotel-Motel Robert

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