Tourist Places to Visit in Reunion, France

Tourist Places to Visit in Reunion, France

Reunion is an island belonging to France, situated in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by Madagascar to the west and Mauritius to the northeast. It is officially recognized as an overseas department by the French government. Reunion houses a total population of 840,974 people (as of the 2013 census) in the area of 2,511 sq. km. The tourism industry of Reunion is focused on its mountainous scenery and outdoor activities.

Saint-Denis is the capital city of Reunion Island and other major cities on the island are:

  • Saint-Gilles
  • Saint-Leu
  • Saint-Pierre
  • Etang-Salé
  • Saint-Benoit


History of Reunion:

The recorded history of Reunion says the Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to visit Reunion, in 1507. After around hundred years, the Portuguese left the island and thereafter, France officially claimed the island in the year 1638. Reunion officially became one of the departments of France on 19 March 1946.


How to get Reunion?

The Roland Garros International Airport is the prime airport of Reunion, situated around 7 km away from the centre of the capital city, Saint-Denis. The airport covers the cities like Marseille, Johannesburg, Paris, Mauritius, Bangkok, Chennai in India and many other global destinations.

Reunion can be reached by boat from the nearby countries Mauritius and Madagascar.

Car Jaune is the major bus operator in Reunion, covering all the major cities of the island. Taxis and rental cars are also gettable to move within Reunion.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Reunion:

Christians, especially Roman Catholicism, dominate the population of Reunion and the island also houses the minority of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Réunion Creole is a widely spoken language in Reunion along with French. Shirts, spices and music CDs are the purchasable items in Reunion. Cari and rougail are the common food consumed by Reunion people.


What to do in Reunion?

  • Exploring beaches
  • Hiking
  • Mountain climbing


What to see in Reunion?


Piton des Neiges:

Being the highest point on the island, the Piton des Neiges is one of the identities of Reunion, reaching up to 3,069 meters. This massive shield volcano holds around three million years of history and is one of the favorite spots of adventure sport lovers on the island.


Piton de la Fournaise:

The Piton de la Fournaise in Reunion holds the title of one of the most active volcanoes in the globe. Measuring an altitude of 2,632 meters, this shield volcano is situated within Réunion National Park in the eastern part of Reunion.


Réunion National Park:

The Réunion National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded on 5 March 2007.The park covers an area of 1,054.47 sq. km, home the famous shield volcano, Piton de la Fournaise.


Temple Tamoul:

The Temple Tamoul is a Hindu religious site, situated in the city of Saint-Denis in Reunion. The temple itself is amazing and its traditional Hindu carvings are a great treat for visitors’ eyes.


Beaches on Reunion:

There are many pretty beaches on the island Reunion, including beaches at the capital, Saint-Denis and St-Gilles-les Bains. Beaches can be explored best through a guided tour.


What remained to see in Reunion?

  • Jardin de l’Etat
  • Parc du Colorado
  • Musee Leon Dierx
  • Les Bains De Minuit
  • Les Recreateurs
  • Museum d’Histoire Naturelle de La Reunion


When to travel Reunion?

Reunion features a tropical climate with rainy season from November to April and dry season from May to October. The best time to visit Reunion Island is from June to September.


Where can stay in Reunion?

Reunion holds an upgraded hospitality industry with all sorts of modern and traditional accommodations like vacation rentals, hotels, resorts, BB and inns with different latest facilities and services. Some top class hotels in Saint-Denis in Reunion are as follows:

  • Hotel Bellepierre
  • Mercure Creolia Saint-Denis La Reunion
  • Le Juliette Dodu
  • Hotel Austral
  • BEST WESTERN Le Saint Denis
  • Residence Les Jardins de Bourbon
  • Auberge du Val Fleuri
  • Les Loges du Park
  • La Marianne
  • Hotel Select Ocean Indien
  • Hotel Lancastel
  • Residence Les Manguiers
  • Hotel du Centre
  • Le Fleur de Mai
  • Hotel Phoenix

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