Places to Visit in Saint Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, America

Places to Visit in Saint Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, America

Saint Pierre is an island as well as capital of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas collectivity of France. It is a small island than the neighboring Miquelon but houses more population than that. Together with L’Ile-aux-Marins and other nearby smaller islands, Saint Pierre Island forms Saint Pierre commune.

Barachois is the major settlement and seat of Saint Pierre commune located on the east coast of Saint-Pierre Island. The major landmarks in Saint Pierre include Post office, General Charles de Gaulle Square and Custom House.


Geography of Saint Pierre:

Saint Pierre is positioned between 46°46′40″ N latitude and 56°10′40″ W longitude covering an area of 25 sq. km.


Connectivity to Saint Pierre:

Saint Pierre has its own airport with connection to Canadian cities such as Halifax, Montreal and St. John’s and neighboring Miquelon and seasonal flights from Sydney and Stephenville. There are no direct flights to and from France or any other countries other than Canadian cities. So tourists are needed to reach Canadian cities first and then take flights from there.

Also Saint Pierre is reachable by ferry from Fortune in Newfoundland, operated by SPM Express from late April until mid September. It takes around 90 minutes to reach Saint Pierre from Fortune by ferry.

Tourists can rent taxi or car or scooter to move within the island.


Food and Shopping in Saint Pierre:

Saint Pierre is a beautiful island with plenty of shopping centres and food corners located all around the island. The major restaurants in Saint Pierre are as follows:

  • Chez Helene B&B
  • Auberge Quatre Temps
  • Auberge del L’Archipel
  • La Lanterne B&B
  • Le Paris Madrid


Things to do in Saint Pierre:


  • Historical sites
  • Museums
  • Religious sites
  • Saint Pierre harbor


Places of interest in Saint Pierre:

Musee Heritage:

Musee Heritage is the finest museum in Saint Pierre featuring artifacts related to religion and medicine that dates back to 19th and 20th centuries. This private cultural centre hosts many wonderful exhibitions and small fee is charged.


Musee de l’Arche:

Musee de l’Arche showcases the history and culture of Saint Pierre Island with many archives. It is maintained by the local government of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon.


St. Pierre Cathedral:

St. Pierre Cathedral is a nicely constructed religious structure in St. Pierre and its construction began in the late 17th century and was inaugurated in 1690. Later it was renovated in 1907 with grand features. Stained glass windows of the church are the prime attractions.


Other places of interest in Saint Pierre are:

  • Musee Archipelitude
  • Musee de la Prohibition
  • Saint-Pierre Cemetery
  • Pointe aux Cannon Battery
  • Les Salines Fishing Stations
  • Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse
  • Saint-Pierre Post Office
  • Fronton Zazpiak Bat
  • Frank Bernard Square


Best time to visit Saint Pierre:

From April to September will be the best time to enjoy holidays in Saint Pierre while the weather will be fine and ferries are available for travel.


Accommodation options in Saint Pierre:

Saint Pierre has several well facilitated hotels located all around the island. Hotels offer all the basic facilities along with some upgraded facilities like spa, A/C, satellite TV, fridge, Wi-Fi, private bath, swimming pool and recreation activities. List of prominent hotels in Saint Pierre include:

  • Residence les Iris
  • Auberge del L’Archipel
  • Auberge Quatre Temps
  • La Lanterne B&B
  • Motel Rode
  • Le Paris Madrid
  • Roland Vigneau B&B
  • Bernard Dodeman B&B
  • Chez Helene B&B
  • L’Auberge Saint-Pierre
  • Motel de Miquelon
  • L’Hotel Robert
  • Nuits Saint-Pierre
  • Hotel Ile de France
  • Hotel-Motel Robert

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