Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Martinique, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Martinique, America

Martinique is an island located in the Lower Antilles in Caribbean between 14°40′ N latitude and 61°00′ W longitude. It is one of the overseas territories of France, surrounded by Dominica in the north, St. Lucia in the south and Barbados towards southeast.

Martinique covers an area of 1,128 sq. kms and it is used Euro as its currency as it is the part of France and European Union. Fort-de-France is the capital of Martinique.


Etymology and History of Martinique:

Martinique was visited by famous voyager Christopher Columbus on 15th June 1502. It was earlier called by different names such as Jouanacaera-Matinino, Madinina, Madiana, Matinite, and finally Martinique which was derived from the nearby island Dominica (La Dominique).

As of archeological evidences, Arawaks were the original inhabitants of Martinique, followed by the Caribs (1200 CE). French took the control of Martinique on 15th September 1635, led by Pierre Belain d’Esnambuc.


How to reach Martinique?

Martinique has only one airport, Martinique Aime Cesaire International Airport located in Le Lamentin of Fort-de-France (capital city). MACIA operates frequent flights from and to major North American cities such as Miami and Montreal and Paris in France and Barbados and Saint Lucia in Caribbean. The major air operators include American Airlines, Air France, Air Canada and LIAT.

Martinique is also connected with Guadeloupe, Dominica, St. Lucia, Les Saintes and Marie Galante by regular ferry services.

Buses are frequent and taxis and cars are other choices to move within the island.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Martinique:

Martinique has a blended culture of France and Caribbean and Colombo is the famous cuisine and Antillean Creole is the native language of Martinique (French is official). The capital city Fort-de-France is an ideal site for both traditional and modern shopping.


Places of interest in Martinique:

Cathedral Saint-Louis:

Cathedral Saint-Louis was originally built in 1671, but it was damaged heavily by many natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes in later years. It was reconstructed with various specialties in 1890 and is still good in condition. Bibliotheque Schoelcher was the designer of the church.


Fort Saint-Louis:

Fort Saint-Louis is one of the major identities of Martinique, built during the rule of Louis XIII in Fort-de-France harbor. Presently it is site of French naval base and now tourists can see the museum at the place of a fortress and tourists are allowed to see fortress parts.


Sacre-Coeur de Balata:

Sacre-Coeur de Balata was established in 1925 on a cliff. This replication of the Montmartre Church of Paris is open for tourists from 8 AM to noon and 3 PM to 6 PM on all the days of the week.


Other places of interest in Martinique include:

  • Cascade Absalon
  • Jardin de Balata
  • Dillon distillery
  • Place de la Savane
  • Le grand marche
  • Bibliotheque Schoelcher
  • Balata Gardens
  • Clement House
  • La Savane des Esclaves
  • Anse Couleuvre
  • Caravelle Peninsula
  • Les Salines Beach
  • Fonds Blancs
  • Les Gorges de la Falaise
  • Anse Trabaud


Best time to visit Martinique:

From January to June will be the best time to enjoy holidays in Martinique while the weather will be well supportive.

Accommodation options in Martinique:

Martinique houses numerous reputed accommodation centers ranging from budget options to top end resorts and hotels. Most of star hotels and resorts offer advance booking facility for tourists convenience. List of famous hotels and resorts in Martinique is as follows:

  • Hotel Corail Residence
  • Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek
  • La Suite Villa
  • Hotel La Pagerie
  • Residence du Village Creole
  • Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa
  • Le Marouba
  • Residence Oceane Hotel
  • Le Domaine Saint Aubin
  • Pierre & Vacances Sainte Luce Holiday Village
  • Domaine de l’Anse Ramier
  • Hotel Bambou
  • Hotel Fregate Bleue
  • Le Panoramic
  • Hotel Residence Diamant Beach
  • Carayou Hotel & Spa

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