Tourist Places to Visit in Concepcion, Bolivia, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Concepcion, Bolivia, America

Concepcion is a town and the capital of Nuflo de Chavez Province in the Santa Cruz Department in Bolivia. Concepcion declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1990, as it is the part of the Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos and located at an elevation of 500 meters above the sea level. Bolivian Ex President Hugo Banzer Suzrez was born in the city and the economy of the city depends on agriculture and artifacts.

Concepcion is surrounded by Ascension, San Javier, San Antonio de Lomerio, San Migual and San Ignacio de Velasco and located at the distance of 771 kilometers from the capital of Bolivia, Sucre. Coordinates of Concepcion are 16.1319° S, 62.0261° W.


History of Concepcion:

Jesuits established Concepcion town in the year 1669 and in the year 1745, the town was populated by people from different places. Cathedral of Concepcion was constructed between 1753 and 1756 and the population of the town developed gradually.


Places to Visit in Concepcion:

Concepcion Church:

Concepcion Church is the remarkable landmark of the town where tourists can view unique paintings inside the church and bell-tower has thick carved wooden columns and winding staircase and must visit place in the town.

Museo Antropológico de La Chiquitania:

Museo Antropológico de La Chiquitania, which manuscripts the lives and civilizations of indigenous groups in the Chiquitos is the perfect place to know about the history of Concepcion town.


Things to do in Concepcion:

  • Visit the Represa Concepcion Lake
  • Listed to concert in the church
  • Visit tumble of St. Isidor


Best time to Visit Concepcion:

The climate is warm and tropical most of the year with winter season from December to March and summer season from April to November and climate will be pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Concepcion is from March to October.


How to Reach Concepcion?

Concepcion is a small town but has good road connectivity from other cities and towns and buses will operate from nearby cities to Concepcion regularly and one can hire a car to visit the nearby places. Concepcion Airport is a domestic airport located 22 kilometers away from Concepcion town and international airport is located at the distance of 303 kilometers from Concepcion town.


Where to Stay in Concepcion?

Concepcion is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site but there are only a few hotels in the town which provides catering accommodation facilities to customers visiting the town and tourists are advised to book the hotel rooms in advance through online booking. Hotels in Concepcion present world class facilities and hospitalities with all the modern amenities. Some of the hotels in Concepcion are listed below:

  • Cabañas Los Aventureros
  • Hostal Don Miguel
  • Hotel La Mision
  • Hotel San Ignacio Miguel Areiger
  • Hotel Camino Real Santa Cruz
  • Hotel Residencial Europa
  • Hotel Rio Selva Resort
  • Hotel Terranova Suites
  • Aho Suites Hotel
  • Villa Magna Apart Hotel
  • Gran Hotel Canada
  • Senses Hotel Boutique

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