Places to Visit in Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela, America

Places to Visit in Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela, America

Puerto Ayacucho is the capital and the largest city of the state of Amazonas in Venezuela, situated around 1270 km south of the country capital, Caracas. Puerto Ayacucho is renowned for ecotourism.


Geography of Puerto Ayacucho:

Puerto Ayacucho coordinates with 5°35′40″ N latitude and 67°41′49″ W longitude covering an area of 727.85 sq. km. Puerto Ayacucho is located around 90 km east of Yutaje Falls which is the 2nd highest waterfall in Venezuela at a height of 670 meters and world famous, Casiquiare canal is situated 200 km south of Puerto Ayacucho.


History of Puerto Ayacucho:

Puerto Ayacucho was founded in the year 1924 on the Orinoco River to transport goods to foreign locations.


Connectivity to Puerto Ayacucho:

Puerto Ayacucho has its own airport placed 7 km away from the midpoint of the city with scheduled flights to and from Caracas, catered by Conviasa.

Puerto Ayacucho has good connectivity through regular bus services with neighboring cities such as El Burro, San Félix, Ciudad Bolívar and San Fernando.

Other than buses, there are many tourist vehicles and minivans plying between Puerto Ayacucho and surrounding cities frequently.

Puerto Ayacucho is home to many travel agencies that offer car and bike for rent. Advance booking is preferred.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Puerto Ayacucho:

Mestizo people are the natives of Puerto Ayacucho and other indigenous tribes are Bari, Piaroa, Guajibo, Yanomami and Panare.

Modernized shops and food corners are less in Puerto Ayacucho, so traditional food huts and shops are helpful.


What to do in Puerto Ayacucho?

  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Waterfalls
  • Village tour


Tourist Attractions in Puerto Ayacucho:


Yutaje Falls:

Yutaje Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Puerto Ayacucho measuring a height of 2,200 feet. It attracts both domestic and international tourists, especially nature and adventure sport lovers. Yutaje Falls is located around 90 km away from Puerto Ayacucho.


The Yacapana National Park:

The Yacapana National Park is placed in the west central portion of Amazonas state covering an area of 320,000 hectares. It is home to many spectacular waterfalls, river flows and a diverse species of plants and animals. It can be reached from San Fernando de Atabapo by boat.


Cerros Duida and Marahuaca National Park:

Established in 1978, Cerros Duida and Marahuaca National Park is spread over an area of 210,000 hectares situated between Tamatama and Esmeralda towns. The fauna found in the park include jaguar, tapir, reptiles, monkeys and colorful birds. The park is frequented by scientists, explorers and tourists.


List of other places of interest in Puerto Ayacucho include:

  • La Llovizna National Park
  • Salto Aponguao
  • Angel Falls
  • Canaima National Park
  • Auyantepui
  • Parque Cachamay
  • Ciudad Guayana
  • Salto Para
  • Delta Wildlife
  • Parque Zoologico Loefling
  • El Pauji
  • Salto el sapo
  • Plaza Bolivar
  • Orinoco River


Best time to visit Puerto Ayacucho:

The months of dry season will be best to travel to enjoy different outdoor activities in Puerto Ayacucho.


Accommodation options in Puerto Ayacucho:

Puerto Ayacucho is home to many accommodation centres ranging from lodges to hotels and inns with tourist favor facilities such as AC, hot water bath, internet connectivity and 24 hour room service and electricity. The major hotels in and around Puerto Ayacucho are as follows:

  • Orinoquia Lodge
  • Hotel Perimeter
  • Gran Hotel Amazonas
  • Hotel Slide
  • Hotel Apure
  • Hotel Voragine
  • Hotel My Garden
  • Orinoco Lodge
  • Posada Los Olivos
  • Posada Casa Grande de Angostura
  • Hotel Eurobuilding Guayana
  • Posada Churum Meru
  • Campamento Canaima
  • Hotel Eco Premium Plaza Meru
  • Roraima Inn Express
  • Barquilla de Fresa
  • Howard Johnson Hotel Portofino

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