Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ayacucho, Peru, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ayacucho, Peru, America

Ayacucho also called as Huamanga is the capital city of Huamanga Province in Ayacucho Region of Peru situated at 13°09′47″ S 74°13′28″ W. Ayacucho is especially noted for 33 churches that are dedicated to each year of life of Jesus and is also known for religious events that are held during the Holy Week of Easter and Christmas with many cultural and sport competitions.


Geography of Ayacucho:

Ayacucho is located about 2,761 meters above sea level covering an area of 2,981.37 sq. km.


History of Ayacucho:

The name Ayacucho was derived from the Quechua langue words ‘Aya’ means death and ‘Kuchu’ means ‘corner’. The Spanish were the first Europeans to visit Ayacucho on April 25, 1540 and it was named by Francisco Pizarro as San Juan de la Frontera de Huamanga. The Universidad Nacional San Cristóbal de Huamanga is the main university of Ayacucho founded on July 3, 1677.


Connectivity to Ayacucho:

The airport of Ayacucho receives scheduled flights from the capital city of Peru, Lima.

Other than flights, Ayacucho also has good connectivity with Lima by daily buses that take 9 to 10 hour journey and Ayacucho also receives buses daily from Pisco.

Taxis are useful for local travel charging 3 Soles to get around and colectivo is an additional option for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping near Ayacucho:

Ayacucho is renowned for 33 churches and a grand religious event with different horse races such as Peruvian Caballos de Paso and the jalatoro or pascuatoro.

Plazuela de Santa Ana is the main shopping corner of Ayacucho housing many traditional shops with typical Peruvian handicrafts and woolen clothes. Wall carpet is very special, available at US$ 350.

The prominent restaurants in Ayacucho with crunchy and crispy snacks and tasty drinks are listed below:

  • La Casona
  • La Miel
  • ViaVia Cafe Ayacucho
  • Recrto EL Kututu,
  • Restaurant Los Alamos
  • Camara de Comercio


Things to do in Ayacucho:

  • Visit churches
  • Relax at park
  • Shopping
  • Walking

Tourist Attractions near Ayacucho:

Churches of Ayacucho:

Ayacucho is home to 33 churches and each of which are dedicated to the life of Jesus. There are grand religious programs organized during the Holy Week of Easter in every church in Ayacucho. The major churches are Cathedral of Vilcashuaman, San Francisco de Asís church and Church in the city centre.


Plaza Mayor de Ayacucho:

Plaza Mayor de Ayacucho is one of the main landmarks as well as tourist attractions of Ayacucho home to typical Mariscal Sucre Monument and many small flower plants. The Surrounding environment is nice.


Arch of the triumph:

Arch of the triumph is located in the vicinity of San Francisco de Asís church in Ayacucho, is colored with red and white paints. Bring camera to take pictures.


List of other places of interest near Ayacucho include:

  • Pampas de Ayacucho Historical Sanctuary
  • Semana Santa
  • Museo de la Memorial
  • Complejo Arqueologico de Vilcashuaman
  • Bosque de Titankayoc


Best time to visit Ayacucho:

Generally the ending months of the year will be ideal to trip Ayacucho while many grand cultural events take place.


Accommodation options near Ayacucho:

Ayacucho is home to many well facilitated hotels and the budget hotels are situated near bus station charging 20 soles per night. List of major hotels in Ayacucho include:

  • Hotel Santa Rosa
  • Hotel Misky Samay
  • Hotel Yanez
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Rafaela
  • Sierra Dorada
  • Internazionale Hotel Restaurant
  • Hotel Sevilla
  • Hostal Tres Mascaras
  • Hotel San Francisco de Paula,
  • Hotel Universo
  • Hotel Incasol
  • Hostal Marcos
  • ViaVia Cafe Ayacucho
  • Hostal La Florida
  • El Gringo Hostal

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